London woman shortlisted in a competition to win her dream road trip


 The chance to take a dream road trip is often too good to consider – but that’s not the case for a London- based woman who might be able to do just that.

Ellie Munari, who works for a humanitarian aid organisation, sent the details of her dream road trip to international car rental specialists Holiday Cars in the hopes that she win their One Epic Road Trip competition and get the holiday of a lifetime.

Of the thousands of entries from across the UK, Ellie’s story of her dreams of visiting Bosnia with her group of closest friends, who don’t seem so keen on the idea, has earned her a spot on the shortlist:

“Every single time I’ve tried to get us there, they absolutely refuse! We once had to get from Hungary to Montengro, and I was team Bosnia but they thwarted my efforts and made me spend a million hours on a train through Serbia.” Ellie said.

Now it’s become a long-running theme that I’m not allowed to go to Bosnia! I also think now that it’s a challenge to get there it makes me want to go even more.”

The Politics and International Relations student is originally from Australia, but moved to the UK to further her studies at Durham University. Ellie recounts how special her friends are to her, having helped her settle into a new life abroad; and hopes to reward them with her dream road trip should she win.

“When you move across the world you move away from your family and all that you know, and so this group of friends have really become my family here in the UK, and have seen me through all the challenges of living somewhere new”

The winner of One Epic Road Trip will be announced on 5th November. To find out if Ellie wins, for road trip inspiration and to see how you can get involved head to