Londoners can find healthier ‘clean air routes’ in the Big Smoke with Clean Air Tracker


With the temperatures set to rise this Bank Holiday weekend, so does the increased risk of poor air quality in London. The heat, sun and nitrogen oxide, cooking to create a smog of ground-level ozone gases.

Londoners running around the city breathe much more heavily than pedestrians and therefore flood their lungs with pollutants. It’s therefore important they’re advised to be aware of the invisible dangers of the capital’s toxic air pollution levels, with a new report suggesting that city air pollution is as deadly as smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for 29 years!

This also comes following the London Mayor’s pledge to tackle air pollution faster. He himself developed asthma from running on London’s polluted streets.

To help active Londoner’s find healthier ‘clean air routes’ in the Big Smoke, natural energising drink brand TENZING has launched a Clean Air Tracker, in partnership with King’s College London.

The Clean Air Tracker syncs with GPS tracking app STRAVA to show the live Air Quality Score of the user’s route and make polluted air visible for the first time!

Once synced with STRAVA, the Air Quality Score will automatically appear after every run, allowing people to tweak their routes; potentially cutting exposure by around 50%.

Clean Air Tracker users can also search for ‘clean’ runs in each London borough, plot and share their own running routes with the community and take on challenges to find the cleanest routes in London.

The Tracker will be rolled-out to offer Clean Air monitoring for cyclists and walkers later this year!