Londoners hailed ‘cosmuters’ as majority of women do their make-up on daily commute


New research launched today reveals Londoners prefer to do make-up on the move with two thirds (67%) applying their make-up on their daily commute. However, a shocking 26 per cent of women in the capital think applying make-up on public transport should be banned.

The study, commissioned by beauty discovery site found over one in five (21%) are transfixed watching others do their make-up on public transport and hope to pick up make-up tips from their fellow commuters (22%). However, one in eight (12%) said seeing someone else do their make-up was a personal pet-peeve of theirs and believe people should make time in the morning to do it before travelling. 

The research aimed to establish whether, in today’s selfie society, women’s vanity is at the forefront when it comes to their morning make-up mantra. 


And, the findings are surprising: the self-proclaimed “cosmuters” are defying this era of narcissism, with over half (53%) admitting to leaving the house in the morning bare-faced.  


As well as applying make-up during the commute, 15 per cent actually wait until they get to work and 1 in 10 do their make-up at the gym. 


When asked the reasons for not doing make-up at home, the top reason given by a third of women was that they sleep in too late.  


Top 3 reasons London women do their make-up after leaving the house: 

1.    Sleeping in too late (33%) 

2.    Getting the kids ready (30%) 

3.    Preferring to use the time to make breakfast, watch TV or exercise (22%) 


But, despite more than two-thirds doing their make-up on public transport, 37% of “cosmuters” admit to feeling self-conscious and say they don’t like others watching them. However, almost a third (30%) said they enjoy it as it makes them feel productive knowing they are using their time wisely.