Love Island’s Tyla Carr Ditches Baby Weight


Love Island star and new mum Tyla Carr is back in her bikini after getting into the best shape of her life following the birth of son Archie.

The reality star saw her weight climb to over 12 stone but is now down to a trim 9 stone 2lbs after following’s Do the Unthinkable diet and exercise programme.

The 25-year-old credits the 12-week programme for getting her back into her size 8 dresses and bikini’s after gorging on sugary treats throughout her pregnancy.

Tyla developed a sweet tooth, craving pancakes and waffles covered in chocolate sauce, and saw her portion sizes creep up.

After having Archie, she quickly dropped to 10 stone 7 but stubborn back fat and sweaty patches left her wanting to ditch the last few pounds.

Tyla followed’s Do The Unthinkable diet and exercise programme, a 12 week plan with meals delivered fresh to your door and a complete workout plan.

She enjoyed three nutritious meals a day, which took just minutes to cook and three healthy, sweet snacks which totalled around 1,600 kcals a day.

The programme comes with an optional complete exercise and workout programme, as well as access to an exclusive online community and round-the-clock help and advice from a team of qualified personal trainers.

Tyla admits she didn’t put herself under any pressure to lose the baby weight, but after always being so trim, wanted to ditch the weight to make herself feel better.

Tyla said: “I’ve weighed around eight stone four for years and never had any problems with my weight. Before I had Archie, I could eat and drink what I wanted and never gained a pound.

“As soon as I fell pregnant, I developed a real sweet tooth and that’s when my weight started to creep up. I’d head straight for the dessert menu when I went out to eat and would snack on waffles and pancakes covered in sugary sauces and big bars of chocolate.

“Rolls of fat were completely new to me – I’d never had them – and sweaty patches under my boobs were certainly not something I expected when I put on weight.

“I loved my pregnant body but after Archie was a couple of months old, I knew I wanted to lose weight to feel better in myself and feel more confident.

“The Do The Unthinkable plan from made that really easy for me. As a new mum I want to spend all my spare time with Archie, not stuck in the kitchen cooking or weighing out ingredients.

“Having everything delivered fresh to the door was amazing. I could cook up a tasty meal in around ten minutes. There was lots of food too. I never felt hungry and sometimes struggled to eat everything. I certainly didn’t feel like I was on a diet.”

Throughout the programme Tyla was working out around three times a week and started walking miles with Archie.

Tyla continued: “Upping my exercise has certainly helped me tone up. The workouts on the plan are great – I didn’t have to go to the gym to do them so instead did them from home when Archie was having a nap, ideal for me as a new mum.

“I’d definitely recommend this plan to other new mums. I felt no pressure to lose the weight – I did it in my own time – but saw results almost straight away which kept me motivated.

“The support from the team and online community is incredible and having your meals done for you saves stacks of time and allows you to spend more precious time with your baby.”

Personal trainer Steve Ahern who created the plan said: “The change in Tyla over the last 12 weeks have been incredible. She didn’t have a lot of weight to lose – what’s been most remarkable is the change in her body shape.

“As a new mum, Tyla didn’t put herself under pressure to shed the extra weight. Instead she followed our exercise and diet plan which allowed her to tone and trim. Most importantly she was able to fit it into her day without missing out on any time with Archie.”

The 12-week Do The Unthinkable diet and exercise plan sees high intensity workouts combined with low calorie and low fat meals which are delivered fresh to your door weekly.

There are over 100 meals to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus three snacks each day. All are pre-portioned so there is no food waste.

Workouts, which are optional, can be done from home – there’s no need for gym membership or equipment – just a bottle of water and room to move around.

Personal trainer Steve Ahern, who devised the plan, is on hand to offer support, encouragement and advice, and customers can support each other through the active Facebook community group.