Marble Arch businesses vote overwhelmingly in favour of Business Improvement District’s second term


Marble Arch London Business Improvement District (BID) is delighted to announce that it has been renewed for a second five-year term, following an impressive 55% voter turnout from its members, with 95% of those voting in favour, representing 82% by rateable value. This is recognition of the vital contribution the BID has already played in positively contributing to the economic, community and residential development of this richly diverse area.

Marble Arch London BID’s Business Plan 2021-2026 encapsulates the second generation of work to continue the key actions under the themes of environment, security, celebrating and community to support the district’s long-term recovery. The BID will continue to deliver programmes to enhance the look and feel of the area, and introduce new ways of connecting businesses and increasing footfall and dwell time in support of the thriving day and night-time economy.

The area’s hotel and hospitality offer contributes enormously to the vibrancy and resilience of district, which employs 135,000 people, hosts 3,000 hotel bedrooms and over 10,000 sqm of meeting and event space, the latter generating £45m of spend locally. Over the next five years the BID will be working with its partners on the completion of many new exciting projects which include significant developments such as One Marble Arch, Marble Arch Place, Garfield House, Paddington Green Police Station and Regent House, that will see more jobs, retail, food and beverage partners join us and consolidate the area’s position as one of London’s prime commercial locations.

Kay Buxton, Chief Executive, Marble Arch London BID, comments: “We want to thank all our members for the confidence they’ve shown in the BID. The resounding yes vote highlights the exceptional progress we have made as a district and the high turnout of renewal voters, despite the unique challenges presented during lockdown, is testament to the trust our members place in us, and their support of our five-year vision and strategy.

“Our district and its businesses face some very challenging times ahead, and our focus is on maintaining the value of the location and maximising the opportunities for further inward investment. We’re rolling up our sleeves and ready to deliver our strategy, working closely with – and for – all our businesses and stakeholders to secure the future of the area, putting our members in the strongest position for recovery, growth and resilience.”

As part of the renewal, the BID area is expanding further into Connaught Village, Marylebone and Paddington Green, and welcoming the arrival of new pubs, restaurants, and venues that contribute to the diverse and vibrant night-time economy. In this strategic location, Marble Arch BID fuses the buzz of the West End with the tranquillity of the emerging park district linking Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens with Green Park and St James’ Park.

Nigel Beet CBE, Chairman, Marble Arch London BID, added: “The vote to renew is a real sign of commitment from businesses across the district, recognising the BID’s hugely important role as a collective voice, champion and advisor, not only in delivering business critical services, but in helping all our stakeholders navigate these most challenging times. I am confident in the BID’s Business Plan which projects the area’s strong future and enhances a thriving district that brings together the best of what Central London can offer; world-class, well-connected business infrastructure, a strong sense of history, with an international mix of shops, bars and eateries to support a strong 24/7 economy, underpinned by an impressive range of outstanding hotels, members’ clubs and hospitality venues, to attract visitors to our great city.”

Since its launch in April 2016, the BID has provided a collective voice, as a promoter, partner, and advocate for over 200 member organisations and stakeholders located within the Marble Arch area of London, positioning it as one of London’s standout destinations for business.