4 Most Common Allergies That Most People Suffer From


What comes to your mind when you think about allergies? Most people connect allergies to food which makes sense because food allergy is one of the most common types of allergy. What many people forget is that there are several other forms of allergies that equally affect people as do food allergies. While food allergies can always affect your airways and can cause skin rashes, different types of allergies have different effects.

These are the 4 most common allergies that most people suffer from:

Food Allergies

Food is essential to building and boosting your immune system. However, there are times when certain types of food do not go well with us and our immune systems react to such foods and the result is an allergic reaction to that particular food type. Food allergies are more common in children as their immune systems are not as strong and thus some allergies can go on their own as the child grows. 

Adults too can have allergic reactions to food. When you have an allergy to a certain food type, anytime you eat that particular food, your body releases antibodies against the allergens in the food. This explains why you might experience the impacts of a food allergy even with a spoonful of the specific food you are allergic to. 

Some people experience these symptoms as soon as they finish eating or some hours later. Babies often have allergies to milk and their bodies take days or weeks to exhibit these effects. You can have swellings on your face, in the mouth, in your throat, or on your lips upon eating the food you are allergic to. In some instances, you can have some itching and nasal congestion although you can also experience anaphylaxis where your entire body reacts to a certain food. This usually calls for immediate attention otherwise it can be deadly.

Pollen Allergy

Pollen exists freely and in abundance. This makes it one of the most unavoidable allergens. Many trees, grasses, weeds, and plants release pollen. These are things that exist in our environment and thus can readily predispose us to allergies.  Pollen is also light and has a fluffy texture which enables the pollen to easily be carried away by air to different surfaces. Health experts, therefore, recommend that you understand the role of aircon allergens so that you do not confuse your appliances as allergens but instead you should discover what pollutants your ventilation devices carry. You must understand that you cannot necessarily be allergic to your air conditioner but you can be allergic to pollutants like molds and dust mites which your air conditioner can transmit. You can cough, sneeze, wheeze, have a runny nose, or even nasal congestion when you inhale either of these pollutants.

Skin Allergies

Eczema is a major type of skin allergy that affects more children than adults. You can know you have skin allergies if you experience skin rashes, have red skin, or an itchy and irritated skin. If you have eczema, you can have small bumps with fluid inside. These bumps can in some instances ooze some clear or yellow liquid. Note that eczema is hereditary and you should not be surprised if you have it simply because it exists in your family line. Hives are another form of skin allergy and manifest themselves in some red and itchy rashes and bumps. Hives do not last for more than one day although they can appear on your hands, lips, and eyelids and can be really annoying. Several things can make your skin have an allergic reaction. Some cosmetic products, jewelry, the sun, insect bites, some metals, and some plants can also make your skin reactive.


With this type of allergy you cannot control your sneezes neither can you hide your runny nose. With this allergy, you always appear as though you have the flu. It is also regarded as hay fever and happens when your body overreacts to certain things in your environment. It could be dust mites or animals like dogs and cats. In response to the allergic reaction, you can experience nasal congestion, a nasal blockage, sneezing, and a runny nose. Rhinitis can alter your daily routines as it can get uncomfortable, making you less productive. It can be treated early otherwise it shall spread to your bronchial tubes, the sinuses, your throat, and even your ears.

If you are struggling with some allergic reactions which you do not know the cause of, it is crucial that you visit your doctor. The doctor can help you understand whether you have eczema, a food allergy, a skin allergy, or even rhinitis and give you appropriate anti-allergens thereafter. You should also understand what constitutes an allergen so that you do not blame your home appliances for allergies. Understand that your air conditioners can help transmit allergens like molds, pollen, and dust mites to you and your environment sparking allergic reactions anytime you run or stop your conditioning. Allergies can be managed better when discovered early and therefore ensure you consult your doctor for the best guidance on how to manage allergies.