In today’s cut-throat competitive business world, a large percentage of the people are suffering from a number of medical and mental health related issues. The constant pressure to succeed, beat the competitors, rank on top, earn more and efficiently manage a luxurious and expensive lifestyle along with some personal matters usually drains away all the positive energy in an individual, leaving one in the condition where they need to seek counseling. One can easily find a number of life coaches and counselors in their local area, but it is important to connect with the one who can communicate with you in the best possible way and help you get through your situation with ease while making you a better person overall.

Mas Sajady is not a doctor or a physiological advisor; his second near-death experience gifts him with intuitive and healing abilities. He discovered his abilities and started providing help to the people on a global scale and has become a significant healer with over five million followers worldwide. He analyzes and reviews the core frequency level of each individual and helps redesign and reprogram a blueprint for a better and clear understanding of life in all the areas.

Mas Sajady uses the spiritual detox process to help deal with the feeling of defeat and exhaustion while strengthening the individual for the upcoming journey allowing them to excel in their life, relations, career and have a healthy mind and body. Transformational Speaker and Globally Recognized spiritual healer, Mas Sajady provides multiple programs to help you create your master plan.

The most popular Mas Sajady Programs are:


  • The 21 Day Program


This 21 Day Program is composed of  a powerful meditation and healing tool which provides support to in all areas of life from wealth, health, love, business, career, relationships and spirituality.


  • The Frequency Series


The Frequency Series program has been designed to provide support to people who are facing life challenges and crisis. The program helps to address intense energy and deal with distortion and frequencies.


  • Healing Mastery Program


The Healing Mastery program is a series of frequency infuseds session which helps to activate the inner strength and healing frequencies within the human being. This program helps transform human abilities, making one capable enough to heal others like Mas Sajady and redesign their own life in the best possible way.


  • Healing Mastery Advanced Program


Only individuals who have completed the Healing Mastery program are eligible to take this advanced program. This is quite a complex and extensive program and requires complete dedication. Mas Sajady’s Healing Mastery Program are responsible for hundreds of individuals discovering healing abilities for themselves and for others in need.


  • Professional Business Mastermind Plan


The Professional Business Mastermind Plan is six or twelve-month business and coaching program which has been created for people facing difficulties in their professional life. Some of the renowned and leading corporate companies have introduced these programs to their employees to improve the overall efficiency of their company and the employees.


  • Private Oracle Circle Program


The Private Oracle Circle Program is an exclusive program which has been designed for advanced students who have a solid understanding of  Mas Sajady’s teaching process and still wish to learn more.

By enrolling for the above-mentioned programs one can find the purpose of their life and could excel to achieve the goal they have defined for themselves while managing a perfect balance. To learn more about Mas Sajady, visit

About Mas Sajady


Mas Sajady, The founder of Exponential Intelligence® and Medihealing®, is an inspiring icon who is redefining success and spirituality. With the wisdom that is profoundly transformative and superhuman abilities gained from two near-death experiences, Mas helps us find happiness and fulfillment by turning mundane human endeavors into significant success.

Sajady started working on clients professionally in November of 2011. Within less than a year, he had worked on over a thousand clients solely by word of mouth. His success rate brought frequent speaking engagements worldwide, during which Mas has been able to help countless individuals from over 100 countries transform their health, finances, relationships and spirituality with rapid, tangible and documented results.