Mayor of Henley blown away by Autism’s got Talent performer


Anna Kennedy OBE attended an Art exhibition at Henley’s Old Fire Station Gallery today . Artistic UK were supporting the autism charity AnnaKennedyonline.

The event is being held for 11 days and is examining how people commonly perceive issues relating to mental health.

Titled “All in All”, the show is being hosted by Artistic, a non-profit organisation that mentors and supports the work of artists — a number of whom have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.

Artistic spokesman Richard Dolinski said: “Our artists will be responding to the way society sees mental health problems and how it deals with those challenges. The work will span many art forms — from photography to sculpture — and will involve all of our 17 artists. What makes our show different is that it will also form the backdrop to invited charities to use the gallery space in whatever way they wish. Each day will bring something very different and will no doubt provide a few surprises.”

The Mayor of Henley attended the event and was blown away by the Artwork and by Autism’s got Talent performer Marie Gorton.

Anna Kennedy spoke about her charities work and the Mayor said she had read many posititive articles about the charities work.

Artistic UK presented Anna Kennedy with a canvas that was created with the theme from the charities popular Autism’s got Talent showcase that is now in its seventh year. This beautiful piece will be auctioned at the Autism Hero Awards in October.

Mr Dolinski shared with the Mayor that  “Artistic is making something new happen in the art world by bringing together highly talented young artists who under any other circumstance would have struggled to have their work seen.

“We are a non-profit organisation staffed by highly qualified volunteers who mentor and support young artists who themselves have had to overcome personal and often debilitating social challenges.

“Our aim is to develop the artists’ careers so that they can become both independent and self-sustaining within the art world.”

For more information about the UK Autism charity please visit and