Meet Carlos Cantero (@lordcntero), the teenager who became a successful influencer


Carlos Cantero, also known as @lordcntero on social media, is only 19 years old. He started at first on Instagram, where he published memes anonymously, under the pseudonym “killjongun”.

He told us that he just created the account to publish the memes he wanted to see later, he didn’t planned to share them with the world, and obviously, he never before thought about having the huge amount of followers he accumulates this days.

Carlos, owns one of spanish Instagram’s best-known meme pages, and as he told us, all this is new to him, and although he gradually gets used to it, he doesn’t stop being surprise by the number of people who visit him on his Instagram.

He also told us that his life has completely changed with Instagram, a few years ago he didn’t even have the app downloaded on his phone, and now he admits that he’s an Instagram addict and that he spends way too much hours on his phone, reviewing the content he uploads, and seeing the content that other Instagram influencers post.

@killjongun is the page where Carlos Cantero publishes memes

Taking advantage of the number of followers he has in this account, Carlos has started promoting many of the top brands in Spain, this way he manages to make a profit out of his account.

As the meme account began to grow, its followers began to have doubts about who was the person running the account, because, let’s remember that the account was Anonymous, at least in its start.

One day, Carlos decided that he wanted to make his identity public, so his followers could know a Little more about the person they had been following for years. When the young entrepreneur revealed his identity, he decided too pen his personal account to the public, and then thousands of people became interested and started following him, and checking everything daily what he posted.

Carlos Cantero’s personal account

Carlos simply posted his daily life on Instagram, like anyone else on Instagram, but on a slightly different way, he always liked to show his daily routine, but from humor, and people really liked it, so his @lordcntero account has know more tan 14.000 followers.

Also, lordcntero is known to be a Good investor, he has given advice on how to invest to their young followers, and has always been interested in getting more and more stock market knowledge.

On the same Instagram account, he has an huge diversity of content, his posts are diverse, from publications related to investment topics and new entrepreneurs, such as merely humorous photos.

@lordcntero’s first known public picture

Now that he has a lot of followers, and thousands of people interested in everything he posts, he can easily advertise some of the top brands on Spain, or even international brands. It is proven that advertising through influencers, is the most profitable way, even more tan television ads, and other media.

Even if Carlos is considered a successful influencers, and even one of the best influencers of his native country, Spain, he is relatively new on this Instagram world, his meme page is 2 years old, and his personal account was opened to the public just a few months ago!

It’s the crazy the way his account blew up, considering the fact that he isn’t dedicating a lot of time to create cool posts, professional pictures, etc, he is just posting whatever he likes, and his followers are really enjoying that, he is famous being himself.