The anatomy of an Instagram influencer Jon Delgado (@jondlgado)


Is a picture really worth 1000 words, with Instagram, that question may have finally been answered? In today’s digital age the social media site which is owned by Facebook allows people to post videos and pictures.

A Person who has a large following on Instagram is considered an influencer. They could make a decent living partnering with brands to advertise their products.

Are you spending countless hours on Instagram posting and reading content? Would you like to upgrade your hobby into a serious business? Becoming an influencer could be the way to go.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 72% of consumers will buy a product based on a referral from social media. Moreover, 40% have bought something they’ve seen used by an influencer on social media.

Consumer brands are looking for these social media influencers and you could be one of them. So how do you become an Instagram influencer and rake in millions?

Meet Jon Delgado (Instagram handle @jondlgado) an 18 years old Spaniard from Pamplona, Spain. Jon has been gallivanting online since he was 12 years old and on Instagram for a few years.

His first Instagram account with the handle @infanciaexterminada had over 1.3 million followers before it was disabled.

Jon is a resilient young man and he did not let the loss of that account hold him down. He has bounced back with the @jondlgado account which is close to 10,000 followers.

Getting 1.3 million people to follow you is no easy feat. And with that many followers, he would easily be considered an influencer. Once you have achieved success, it is always easier the second time around. So the previous experience is a valuable lesson.

The @jondlgado account is steadily getting more and more followers every day. Because of a few reasons which Jon would gladly like to share with anyone? His experience is invaluable to becoming an Instagram Influencer.

1. Find a niche
becoming an Influencer is a multistep process. The first being a Nano influencer, these accounts have less than 5,000 followers. These people will mostly be your family, friends, and extended circle.
The Second level is the Micro-influencers who have between 5,000 and 30,000 followers. And finally, the top influencers have over 5000,000 followers.
Picking a topic and niche will help narrow down your focus and target audience.

2. Perseverance
you will not have instant success with Instagram. It will be a daily grind and it will be hard to see growth in your account especially early on. Without perseverance, you will easily quit from frustration. This is the top reason most people are not successful in their quest to be Instagram influencers.

3. Be Passionate
a good influencer has to be passionate about what they post about. Passion will feed your hunger in the early days and will keep you interested later on. Doing something that you have interest in will make or break your journey during those days you contemplate quitting.

4. Engagement and authenticity
you have to be authentic to attract followers, these people are looking to connect with you. Your account should be witty, humorous, and quirky. It should have an interesting and unique take on the subject matter to attract followers. Engage with these people through the comment section and give them a sense of belonging.

5. Authority
when you pick a niche, select a subject that you have some authority. To make money with your Instagram account, your advertisers will want to deal with authority on the subject. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a formal education. But more like you know what you are talking about on the subject.

6. Salesmanship
a good influencer knows how to sell; they can sell themselves as a brand but also the nuances of sales. Promoting a client’s product is not just posting their content to your followers than getting paid. It is about engaging with their products and also helping sell them to your audience. If your followers ask questions during an engagement, you have to be able to answer them correctly.

7. Credibility
Building a following takes time and these people are primarily strangers. They follow you because they trust you and want to feel they are a part of you. There is an implied responsibility when people place trust in you. Don’t just sell them products you have not used yourself nor have intimate knowledge in just to make a buck. The top influencers market products that they themselves use or have trust in to sell.

Jon Delgado @jondlgado has been there before and had some success with Instagram. He may be young but he clearly knows what it takes to be an influencer. Follow him @jondlgado and learn some valuable lessons on what it takes to influence.