Meet Londoner Glenn Armstrong, making his name prominent in the world of real estate

The new dad at 62 and a powerful personality in the world of properties and real estate, Glenn Armstrong, has reached the forefront of the industry.


A few people realize their goals and desires at a very young age, while for some, the realization may occur at a much later stage in life. For every individual in this world, there is a certain ‘time’ that helps them reach their definition of success. It doesn’t matter at what age and time success comes; what matters is the fact that there is no age to get nearer one’s aspirations and visions in life, points out one such passionate being, who at 62 is a new dad and has been making quite a buzz with his business astuteness in the world of real estate in London, the UK.

Who is Glenn Armstrong, you ask? Well, this highly driven and high-performing man is now a prominent name in real estate and properties. He hailed from Bow, East London, and was born in 1959. Today he lives at Westminster Central London and has come a long way from his humble beginnings. It was his strong self-belief and confidence that acted as companions on his path to get him closer to his dreams in life, he mentions. His life and his career all have been interesting enough to garner more headlines and turn people’s heads in awe. Londoner Glenn Armstrong married his fellow London native actress and entrepreneur Lady Charlotte Armstrong, 27 years younger, who Glenn describes as his twin flame. The pair married at the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy in 2019.

Today, the couple has three beautiful kids Alfie, Charlie & Aspen Armstrong. He became a father at 62, 3 years in a row 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and new lockdown addition Aspen Armstrong. Talking on the same, Glenn Armstrong says that the pandemic gave him an incredible opportunity to spend time with his young family and wife that he wouldn’t have had before. Also, he mentions that having a younger wife who is very health conscious is a good influence.

Glenn Armstrong is known for creative property real estate deals in London and holds virtual property deals via live webinar series. Besides that, he has a car collection, which he loves, and is also an advocate for Men’s Mental Health and Men seeking support.

Watch out for him more in the coming years in the real estate world.

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