Meet PETER O HALLORAN – The Fitness Influencer taking shots at fat loss products


by Dan Bryans || E-Editions

I was thinking on doing a piece about Instagram influencers, how much they get paid per post and so on until this Instagram video came up on my feed that made me change my train of thought.

A video that was not your usual ‘’promoting weight loss products’’ but a video ripping these products apart and doing a damn good job of it to.

The profile I am talking about is @ppt_fitness , full name Peter O Halloran.
This guy seems to be a rising social media influencer in the fitness and nutrition industry.

A bit of research on this guy on google gives you an impressive background.

Peter is a serving soldier and apparently a sniper instructor. He has served 3 tours of duty overseas with the Irish army. He owns the PPT Fitness and Nutrition and is also an award winning nutritionist with a Bsc degree in nutrition and award winning personal trainer according to reports.

In 2018 he won Irelands best fitness nutritionist/dietitian at the Irish fitness industry awards and only a short few days later won an award at the Irish social media awards as Best use of social media by a personal trainer and according to activated you reviews and more recent social media reports he is up for more awards this year and looking to take the national award as best fitness nutritionist for the second year in a rowe.

All you need to do is look through this guy’s social media and you can understand why he is winning awards.

His videos are hilarious and factual, Unlike most fitness social media influencers you see on Instagram that are all show and no substance, peter seems to be keeping it real and realness is something we need.

The first line of videos I seen were called THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO GRRRRRR. A series of 1-2 minute episodes on Instagram tearing apart products that make claims of fat loss and health. You know the products I am talking about. The ‘’Drink this detox tea and lose 10 lbs’’ or ‘’take this pill and drop a jean size’’.

We have all seen them it’s a multibillion dollar industry so how is Peter able to call them out and not be sued.

Well it’s pretty simple. He seems to be doing it in a very intelligent way. He is using humor to get people’s attention and then using science to prove these products wrong. Peter seems to be very intelligent in the way he portrays these products, making sure that whatever he says he shows scientific literature to back up his claim and even uses these companies’ websites against them showing how they contradict themselves on their own websites.

He really can’t be touched in a way because the videos aren’t his opinion and aren’t deformation but more or less him promoting scientific fact that is published and in the public domain.

If a company tried to sue him on one of his videos they would have to prove scientifically that he is wrong, which means they would also have to sue all the scientists who have published the literature and prove they are also wrong and this is simply not going to happen as the companies know themselves they can’t win and will lose a lot of money in the process and may even be forced to shut down.

Peters videos are not all tearing apart weight loss products, his content is actually very interesting, funny and very educational. A lot of his videos delve into the facts and fictions of the health and fitness industry separating the truth from the lies.

This is something that sets him apart from others I have seen on Instagram as his content is blunt, to the point and no BS.

In this world of social media influencers I think this guy is the perfect role model for the younger generation. It seems like he is on a mission is to educate and open up people’s eyes to what is real.

I see one post where someone said to peter ‘’some people are just small home businesses trying to make a living why call them out’’. His response was
‘’the local heroin dealer is also a home business trying to make a living but does that mean its ok. The industry is awash with people who are uneducated in nutrition and try to peddle nutrition crap and pretend they know what they are talking about. Trying to defy science with your claims. If someone is sick do you go to a doctor or a mechanic? Obviously a doctor. Why? Because they are qualified. So why on earth do people believe others with no nutrition qualification that a product is going to change their life. What’s the point in people spending years in university studying nutrition when billy no mates with no nutritional qualification says a product works’’.

I think peters content is the type of stuff we need to see more of. So many young people being led astray now a days we need someone like him to show them the way.

To see more of Peters content you can check him out on