Meet Sang Min Lim – Sensational Pop and R&B Musician


Are you a lover of great music? Have you experienced the latest in musical genius yet? Why wait any longer? Check out the hypnotizing tunes released by Sang Min Lim, a rising pop star whose talents have propelled his music into the far corners of the earth.

Sang Min Lim- A Glimpse behind the Curtains

R&B sensation Sang Min Lim is born in South Korea and came to the United States when he was 19 years old.

His passion for music is unmistakable. He exerts significant mental and physical energy in ensuring that his music is not only appealing but also deep. In fact, he goes to great lengths to ensure that his fan base’s craving for his talented pieces is met, resulting in a juggling act between his current studies and his passion. The results so far (a rapidly growing fan base) indicate that he is doing this quite effectively.

His music imitates life as he strives to break the mold in the music industry in a similar manner to how he challenged traditional perspectives with his own life. This challenge is essentially encapsulated in his determination to pursue his dream (music) as against the traditional professions lauded by his Korean ancestry.

A number of things make him stand out as an entertainer, aside from his Asian background. For one, he is a university graduate holding a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brown University.  He is currently pursuing a law degree at the University of Southern California. Additionally he has a broad scope of experience, having engaged in fields outside of music. Before his foray into music, he pursued careers in law and modelling. These experiences help to enrich the quality of his musical output. Perhaps the icing on the cake is his dreamy physique and the fact that he’s an awesome musician!

Music that Transports You to a Mellow Zone  

With mesmeric rhythms and enticing lyrics Sang Min Lim’s music is bound to grab you from the get-go. Having doubts about this? Ask any of his over 17,000 YouTube subscribers.  Or better yet check out one of his songs posted on his YouTube Channel.

Among his most popular releases is music video Fantasy which was released in March of 2019 and has since amassed over 1.8 million views. Other music videos such as ‘Remember’ have also attracted more than one million views. Another music videoof his, ‘Follow’, has attracted over seven hundred thousand views and is certain to grown to over a million in a matter of weeks.

An Impressive Start; Poised to Soar

Discerning music lovers from the world are gravitating to his channel by the droves. His YouTube channel is relatively young, having been established in March of 2019 and already he has amassed over three million views. This is a strong indicator that his popularity will continue to swell, reaching astronomical proportions.

Not only are his tunes catchy, but his videos are captivating as well. His videos have attracted millions of views and followers around the world have been wowed by his incredible talent. Viewers gush over his charming features, melodious voice and the sheer artistry behind his lyrics and videos.

This all-round entertainer has been captivating hearts and ears around the globe and is destined to make even bigger waves in the industry in very short order.