Met launch campaign to encourage moped and motorcycle riders to protect their vehicles


This week saw the launch of a new Met campaign, including a new digital radio advert, aimed at scooter, moped and motorcycle riders, which encourages them to better protect their bikes. 

Building on the success of previous crime prevention advertising campaigns, and officers’ proactive work to drive down theft of these vehicles, the digital ad will run for eight weeks.

Supporting the radio ad will be poster adverts displayed on the back of London buses, in 12 key boroughs across London where thefts are the highest, as well as adverts on Facebook and Instagram, and pavement stencils positioned at hotspot parking bays.

A large number of bikes are still left with no additional security measures in place and only a steering lock to prevent them from being stolen. It takes very little time for a thief to steal one, even if the steering lock is on.

The radio advert portrays a thief stealing a scooter without any security. By the end of the advert, he has managed to steal the bike easily, as no security is in place. He explains that a lock, chain and cover would deterred him from stealing the bike. We hope that the advert will remind riders to layer security on their vehicles to make them harder to steal.

The Met’s ‘lock, chain, cover’ advice is as follows:

LOCK: Use a disc lock on the front wheel to stop your bike being wheeled away. Fit a grip lock to the throttle and engage the steering lock.

CHAIN: Secure the rear wheel with a chain and a padlock. Attach the chain to a ground anchor or other fixed object where possible.

COVER: Bike covers prevent immediate access to the controls and security features and stop thieves shopping for bike models.