Mike Barron’s “High Ticket Closer Agents” Now Available in The UK


The Man Behind the Million Dollar Sales and Marketing Agency

Being one of the world’s top digital marketers didn’t happen overnight for US native Mike Barron. He was born under dire circumstances to a 16-year-old mom and drug dealer father. Mike found himself trapped in the “street life” in his late teens and early 20’s but thankfully, this all came to an end when he met his now-wife Diana and became a father at 26 years of age. He made a life changing decision to live a purpose-driven life, committed to ongoing personal development. This commitment to personal growth landed him a position as the President at a local college in the US in his late 20s. Mike’s background has instilled a sense of entrepreneurship in him and a drive to not fall trap to his past, which inspired him to open a now six-figure marketing agency – Limelight Media. His company helps Marketing Agencies and Fitness Professionals quickly scale their businesses to multiple six figure incomes, and beyond. Mike has also been awarded the 2-Comma Club plaque and is recognized by Click Funnels as one of the world’s top marketers.

LimeLight Media has been growing at a rapid pace over the past six years, opening branches in Europe to service his client base in the UK. Mike credits his company’s success mostly to his networking and marketing abilities, leadership style, and expert skills in selling and closing high-ticket sales. Mike has proven that his sales strategies can be duplicated and precisely executed through the multiple training products that he offers. His high conversion results are evident in his students’ consistent successes that they have replicated in their marketing agencies and fitness professional training programs.

Two of his top performers Dylan and Cody, who are also in their early 20’s, are now senior members of the sales team at LimeLight Media. They are both currently producing multiple six-figure incomes based on the skills that they have acquired under Mike Barron’s tutelage. These results are also consistent amongst the hundreds of other gym and marketing agency owners that Mike actively coaches in sales and marketing.

Life-Changing Sales and the Master of Closing

For the first time in August 2020, Mike opened his sales training consultancy to the public and launched a brand new product called Mike Barron’s Closer Academy. At the end of the initial offer period, Mike indicated that he was shocked by the kind of response he got from the market, evident by 215 units sold in just 60 days at a $5,000 price tag. The total units sold amounts to over $1 million in sales within 60 days of a brand-new product release. Mike Barron’s Closer Academy has shattered every other record or sale or statistic that he has had over the last six years.

On November 16, 2020, Mike launched a second product called Mike Barron’s Closer Agents. This product teaches closers how to open and operate a High-Ticket Closer Agency and service elite marketers in closing high ticket deals. Since its launch, Mike has reported significant interest from elite marketers, all wanting to hire his students who have gone through the Closer Agents program.

Mike feels strongly about the impact that this product will have on the students’ lives that come through the program. He is committed to maintaining this path over the next five to ten years and plans to make significant improvements to the Closer Agents product, as the program matures, and time progresses.

The Journey

When asked about his path to a million dollars, Mike said…

“I had an epiphany after talking a few Click Funnels Two Club Members, and the feedback I was getting was…

‘Mike, I’ve been around, and I’ve never seen somebody with your sales ability.’

They’ve also said…

‘Mike, no matter what, you’re never going to be the funnel guy. You’re never going to be the ads guy. You’re never going to be the YouTube guy’. (At this point, I must point out that I have extensive knowledge of funnels, social media and YouTube ads, and operate a seven-figure agency).

‘The one thing that sets you apart from many individuals in this industry is your sales ability, especially with digital marketing.’

So, I had to pause and listen, and that’s when it hit me– this is it!

This is the path I needed to take!.

I’ve been on this journey ever since. It is just incredible to witness the impact this program has made on the students who’ve been through the academy”.

Mike’s Advice to Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Just Getting Started:

  1. Get into a high-quality mastermind

“So, I’m involved with masterminds now, but had I got in five to ten years ago, I could have had early access and benefited from the long-term growth. I could have been around some of the individuals who are leading the industry today. I could still do that today, but it’s going to cost me well over a quarter million. But, with where I’m heading, that eventually won’t be a big deal”.

  1. Invest money in yourself.

“The most important thing I or anyone can ever do is to invest in your self-development.”

  1. Get uncomfortable.

“Be around things and situations that are not comfortable or familiar to you in order to propel and push yourself forward.”

  1. Practice Mindfulness.

“Your mind is a powerful tool, and the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak have a way of manifesting themselves into the physical universe.”

  1. Think bigger.

“Create bigger goals, bigger targets, bigger, everything.”

Taking swift, deliberate action and leaving nothing up to chance are core principles that Mike imparts on his students. He’s on a mission to make a high ticket closer out of anyone interested in scaling their businesses fast and delivering top quality results for their clients.

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