Most Accepted Passports Are White Countries, Nearly All of Them


Here is news that might not shock most but it’s surely gaining a controversial ‘buzz’ on social media sites like twitter and instagram. While the ‘Black Travel Movement’ (see here) in America is exploding, it seems countries for other people of color are not able to travel the world so freely.    CNN has released a list of the least and most accepted passports in the world in 2019 and results seems to be discriminatory.

10 Most Accepted Passports in 2019

There are 32 passports that make the ranks of the ten most passable passports in the world.    The top  two passports are Japan and Singapore. Residents of these two places can enter 188 countries worldwide.    The production of consumer goods by these countries is what makes the doors of most countries open to them.

Shockingly, these two countries, along with South Korea are the only places on the globe with a non-European background that top the list.   The United States is a very diverse country with groups from all destinations living there, but it was still founded by the English.

Other countries to make the list of Top 10 passports include: Finland and Germany are accepted by 188 countries. Denmark, Italy, and Luxembourg have 187 gateways open to their passports.France, Spain, and Sweden rank #4, being accepted by 186 countries.   Beyond this, almost the entire western  and central europe is included amongst the most privileged passports of today (see list).   Countries from Hungary and Latvia to Malta and Austria get accepted by over 180 locations worldwide, despite having a less stable economy than many other places in the world.  Places like Brazil, Dubai,  South Africa, nor South Africa made the list.

10 Least Accepted Passports of 2019

There are family destination guides that promote the best places across the world. And those locations are exceptional places.  Any of the hard working families of the world should be able to experience these.  Thanks to politics, however, this is not possible for all people.  Here’s ten of the least accepted passports of 2019, which prevent families and individuals from seeing many of these hot spots.

Apparently, Muslims are the most disapproved guests worldwide.  Alongside this group, dictator ran governments are ‘blocked out’ just as much.  According to the CNN report, Afghanistan has the least usable passport in the world.  Residents of the war ravaged country, which also is a major producer of opiates main ingredient, can only access 25 countries in the world visa free or with a visa-on-arrival.

Beyond Afghans, Iraq and Syria follow close behind. Both places have access to under 30 countries with their passport, less the visa/VOA process.

Above 30 but under 40 places to enter without a visa or VOA, makes up the rest of the list.   And almost all the other listed as worst 10 passports are also muslim countries.  This includes Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Palistian Territory, Libya, Nepal, Lebanon, and North korea.    These places are also very much rich with ethnic heritage.

The Contrast of Lists

The contrast of the world’s most accepted passports vs the least is running on a thin line.  The arrangement of the list indicates White European countries are quite contradictory.  After these places  gain from exploitation of poor countries with ethnic people,they  then block those same people.   Not only that, there may be collusion to keep wealth among the European Union, even though they truly have no natural resources in comparison to countries that cannot use their passports.