Moving to Ireland? Check Out These Moneysaving Tips!


If you’re planning on upping sticks and leaving London for the Emerald Isle, you are most certainly not alone. Record numbers of British people have not only sought out Irish passports in the past few years but also decided to make the big move and begin a whole new adventure in Ireland.

High quality of life, booming jobs market, and increasingly vibrant cultural scene in cities such as Dublin and Cork are all cited as compelling reasons to make the move.

However, one thing that new arrivals will quickly notice is that the cost of living can be excruciatingly high, with even Londoners likely to notice a big increase in prices for just about everything you can think of.

That’s why it’s worth learning some essential money-saving tips that will help your euros go further in Ireland. Read on to find out more.

1. Be Strategic with Your Accommodation

As you might know already, rent is likely to be the biggest drain on your bank account. After all, Ireland has the highest housing costs in the entire EU, while cities such as Dublin and Cork are more expensive for renters than the likes of Paris, London, and Zurich. That’s why the most effective way to save money in Ireland is to have a strategy for finding accommodation. Consider affordable but further-out areas in Dublin such as Citywest or Cheeverstown. Start with the suburbs. Look for cheaper areas with good rail links that could shorten your commute and avoid Dublin 1 unless you are a millionaire. Consider what you are willing to compromise on to save some cash.

2. Check Irish Discount and Bonus Sites

In Ireland, people love a good discount. That’s why there is a rich network of discount sites that cater to just about every form of entertainment you can think of. There’s for luxury experiences such as spa treatments and hotel stays, or LivingSocialIE for restaurant and pub discounts. There are even discounts for Ireland residents who might want to play real money online games such as poker and slots. By heading to Irish Luck, you can find casino discounts and bonuses worth hundreds of euros, allowing you to enjoy some gaming entertainment while also saving a hefty chunk of change.

3. Be an Early Bird Diner

It’s no secret that dining out in Ireland is brutally expensive, no matter which city you are in. However, it is not inevitable to spend a hundred euros on dinner. By simply making the most of earlier meals, you can save a huge amount of money. For example, virtually all restaurants in Ireland, from Michelin-starred restaurants to motel diners, offer substantially cheaper dinner menus for early bird diners (typically those who arrive before 6:30pm). In addition, it is well-known that breakfast is the cheapest meal of the day in Ireland, so consider getting your meal out in the morning.

By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your euros go further when you move to Ireland.