MPs including Tracy Brabin, Caroline Lucas and Jack Dromey highlight the grim reality of SATS

MPs are lending their support to the More Than A Score campaign which is calling for a halt to the current regime of standardised testing in primary schools.

A mobile advertising billboard is driving round Westminster drawing attention to the real-life experiences of parents and teachers during SATs season. Recently, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Education and the head of Ofsted have attempted to down-play the tests, but the reality has been markedly different for those seeing first-hand the effects on pupils.

Using social media comments posted during the week of the tests, the ad campaign includes the following messages:

Theresa May called SATs “simple tests” and believes they should continue.
Teachers and parents say:
My 11-year-old spent most of last night in my bed absolutely terrified and unable to sleep.
Today is also the first day ever my amazing, confident, wonderful boy cried before school.
Angry and frustrated doesn’t begin to cover it #SATs2019

Nick Gibb, Schools Minister, said, “I don’t think it’s right to say that reforms to the curriculum are the cause of young people’s anxiety.”

Teachers and parents say:
Thank you @educationgov for making 2 of my most able mathematicians cry this morning because they couldn’t understand some of the questions #assessmentforchildren

Wouldn’t it be lovely if #year6sats actually provided children with the opportunity to demonstrate what they DO know and understand #SATsWeek #SATs2019

Amanda Spielman of Ofsted said, “Good primary schools run tests without children even knowing they’re being tested.”

Teachers and parents say:
Very sad to see the children with whom you have spent months building their confidence looking lost and downcast.

My grand-daughter was distraught after her grammar test yesterday. This is a little girl who just turned 7 a few days ago and until now had loved school.