### Strictly Embargoed Until 00:01 on 24/01/2020 ### *** FREE FOR EDITORIAL USE *** EDITORIAL USE ONLY Myleene Klass attends the opening of a Kellogg’s pop-up cereal café designed by children, to launch the W.K Kellogg by Kids no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars), vegan cereal range, which contains both fruit and vegetables, Notting Hill, London. Also in this picture Skye and Fletcher, both aged eight. PinPep Photo. Picture date: Thursday January 23, 2020. The café, which is also run by children features a fruit and vegetable themed colouring-in wall, doodle tables and a mix-your-own cereal dispenser. TM, ®, © 2020 KELLOGG Company.

Today, presenter and celebrity mum Myleene Klass was among the first to pop into London’s first cereal café to be designed by kids, for kids – as Kellogg’s launch their first kid’s breakfast cereal in 20 years, W.K Kellogg by Kids. Visitors to the café over the weekend will have a chance to try the tasty new breakfast cereal, made with fruit and vegetables.

Celebrating the launch of the brand-new plant-based cereal and bringing the younger generation’s imagination to life, the café is run by kids for kids – even down to the waiters and waitresses serving up breakfast! Normal rules don’t apply at this café – visitors can colour in the doodle walls and tables and mix up their own cereal, choosing from apples stars, strawberry hoops, carrot and blueberry balls or beetroot pops.

Myleene enjoyed a tasty breakfast at the café, alongside some miniature members of staff, as new research reveals over two-thirds of kids (66%) have a more varied diet than their parents had and healthy choices now largely lead the way as apple (52%) tops the list of snacks kids are most likely to request from their parents.

The new launch was created in consultation with kids themselves and fussy eating expert, Ciara Atwell. The release of W.K Kellogg by Kids is part of Kellogg’s ongoing commitment to providing better choices in the morning.

Like lots of modern parents, Myleene Klass has noticed the changing tastes of her own children in comparison to her own childhood.

Ahead of the launch, Myleene said: “I think children are definitely having a re-education around their food – I remember just wanting burger and chips but the girls are more likely to go for the likes of apples, blueberries, avocado or even sushi!”

Mornings can be mad in our house so it’s amazing to know that breakfast is easy. A cereal with fruit, veg, no added sugar, plus the whole family think it tastes great.”

W.K Kellogg by Kids is the first children’s product from the cereal maker to include fruit and vegetables, designed and created for kids and the whole family.

The brand-new cereal comes in two tasty flavour variants the whole family will love: Strawberry, Apple and Carrot or Blueberry, Apple and Beetroot. Adding to each morning’s excitement, each cereal piece in the box will be a different shape and flavour.

Brand-new W.K Kellogg by Kids contains no added sugar and has no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, continuing Kellogg’s ongoing commitment to providing families with better choices in the morning.