MyTransgenderCupid – long-term Dating Service for Transgender women


Of all the dating sites for Trans-attracted men looking for Transgender women,  MyTransgenderCupid remains as the preferred, most popular site. Some of the reasons for this are obvious, some not so.

As you might expect, most men looking to date Transgender women will become members of an online dating site dedicated to Trans women. This is mainly as they can find a wide variety of Transgender women who are looking for Trans-oriented men. This works well as both parties know what type of person they looking for. Plus, there are no misunderstandings about the gender status of the Trans women or the intentions of the men. Using a Trans dating site brings like-minded parties together in a more harmonious situation.

My Transgender Cupid is an unique Trans dating site

A spokesperson for MyTransgenderCupid said, “To set itself apart from other Trans dating sites, My Transgender Cupid offers a unique selling point (“USP”). That is, it only caters to genuine men and Trans women looking for a long-term relationship and/or marriage. Advert or profiles offering short-term liaisons are not permitted.”

As a result, it’s fair to say that almost all of the Trans attracted male members of MyTransgenderCupid are genuinely looking for love and commitment. This may either be via a long-term relationship with a Transgender beauty or even marriage, but this depends on the legalities of this type of arrangement in the country in which the members reside.

One great additional feature of a respectable online dating site is that both the men and Trans woman can get to know each other well before they meet. Well in advance of any meeting, the potential for compatibility can be ascertained. Naturally, this can save an enormous amount of time. We all know that there’s nothing worse than getting ready and travelling to a date with someone only to find out within the first few minutes that they are not for you. Talking by audio or video chat online over a period of days or week, solves this issue simply. After the first few online “dates” you will know if the other person is genuine and likely to be right for you or not.

Transgender women who are seeking a genuine and long-term relationship

Rightly so, MyTransgenderCupid wants to maintain its record of a very high success rate of matching Trans-oriented men with Transgender women. To do this it aims to keep the quality of its members high and focus only on this who are sincere and have real interest in Trans women. The site is FREE for women to join, and there is an excellent selection of Transgender women, from countries from all across the world. There are members from the US, UK, Europe and Asia plus Australia all looking for  men as their dating partner.

The spokesperson concluded, “With its attention to quality and strict policies aimed at only members who are genuine and looking for long-term commitment, The My Transgender Cupid team will continue to be the preferred site for Trans attracted men looking to date a Transgender beauty!”