Netflix cancellation is a disaster for Harry and Meghan: royal expert


THE cancellation by Netflix of an animated children’s series by the Duchess of Sussex is a big blow for Meghan and Prince Harry, a royal expert has said.

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo told GB News: “That’s a complete disaster for Harry and Megan and Archewell Productions.

“Netflix is having big problems with a dip in subscriber numbers, falling revenues, a plummeting share price, having spent too much on other programmes and is cutting back, particularly on animated series.

“So whilst Prince Harry’s Invictus documentary is carrying on, there is nothing for Megan to show for it and it’s really calling into question whether they can walk the walk – they’re good at talking the talk.

“They signed up to Spotify, but they’ve only produced one podcast so far.

“The Netflix deal has been over for over a year now and there’s very little to show for it and it looks as if, apart from moaning about the royals, there’s not much that they’re able to do.”

He commented during Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel on GB News.

Mr Heydel-Mankoo added that, in relation to reports about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge moving to Windsor, that the royal couple have been looking at suitable schools in the area.

He said: “There have been rumours for quite a while now that the Cambridges have wanted to move closer to the Queen.

“Only 10 minutes walk away from Windsor Castle is this new Adelaide Cottage, it’s also close to the Middletons so it’s good for the grandparents on the mother’s side too.

“We know that they’ve been scouting out local schools in the area. Adelaide cottage has just been renovated so it makes the most sense for them to go there.

“There’s not much cost involved in that – Frogmore Cottage, which is the much more grand property, will require a lot more refurbishment, and there’s also an option of Royal Lodge which is a 31-room mansion but unfortunately there’s an incumbent there already in the by the name of Prince Andrew who doesn’t seem very keen to relinquish that.”

Mr Heydel-Mankoo also said a report about an imposter who conned his way into the Coldstream Guards barracks at Windsor Castle represented a “shocking security breach”.

He told GB News: “This didn’t happen at Windsor Castle. It should be said this was the Victoria barracks or the Coldstream Guards who do the ceremonial functions, and it’s outside of the grounds is about 200 yards away, but it still was a shocking breach of security.

“A pure fantasy as Walter Mitty character rocked up, said that he was a friend of the Padre for the soldiers was invited in and after work had dinner and got into some good old boozy tales about alleged activities in Iraq.

“He was offered a bed for the night, amazingly, and it wasn’t until the next morning so 16 hours went on before it was discovered.

“It’s just the latest of a long line of intrusions into the Windsor estate recently so it’s time for a big shake up.”

He added: “We’re very concerned by this, it is just the latest in a long line of incidents, and it also follows up from a shake up of their protection that happened over Christmas.

“The new head of protection command of the Metropolitan Police didn’t like the fact that their royal protection service was too cliquey.

“These were strong relationships the royals had with their protection officers which they really valued and the idea was this really was a job almost for life.

“And the Metropolitan Police don’t want that and so they’re shaking things up and that’s destroyed a lot of the trust and the bond between the main protection officers and the Royals.”

He said that the British intelligence services would always ensure there was maximum protection during visits by Prince Harry.

“When it comes to proper royal occasions or visits, there is an increased security presence and in terms of threats to the principal, Prince Harry, our intelligence services will always offer him the strongest protection.”