New map reveals the most stressful boroughs in London


According to HSE, 526,000 workers across the UK suffered from some form of work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in 2016/2017 with 59% of those in London say they suffer.
Due to this rising number, delved into the numbers, breaking this down by borough to find out – which areas within our capital are the most stressed?

We analysed social media to track which areas of the capital are suffering the most when it comes to mental health. We tracked a total of 24,000 mentions of the words ‘stress/ed’ and ‘anxiety’ across London between January and September 2018* and mapped this out …


Westminster topped the list as the most stressed-out London borough, with 12,808 mentions of stress and anxiety across social media channels. Home to the Palace of Westminster, the central borough is the workplace for many government workers, which may have been a prime contributor to the higher levels of stress recorded in the area.