UK’s favourite chocolatier Paul A Young launches collection of ultimate Christmas chocolate gifts


With a dazzling array of new chocolates, Paul A Young’s merry collection celebrates flavours we love to indulge in come Christmas time – think warming brandy and white port, right through to orange, mandarin and clementine.

Filled Chocolates

For Christmas 2018, Paul’s collection of filled chocolates have been inspired by past, present and future flavour combinations, From old classics from past festive collections, touches of Skandi-influence to represent the present and, as is to be expected from Paul, a handful of innovative chocolates that look to the future. These include the much-anticipated Cranberry and Goose Fat Caramel (the true taste of Christmas, surely?), the Buck’s Fizz Truffle and the California Prune, Churchill’s White Port & Stilton Truffle for the chocolate adventurous. Fans of Paul’s nostalgic twists will delight in his After Dinner Peppermint Cream Ganache, whilst those who look forward to his eccentric combinations should seek out the Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh chocolate this winter.

Further chocolates and truffles in the collection include the Cinnamon Toast Truffle, Mulled Wine Truffle, Christmas Caramel Latte Truffle, Burning Embers chocolate, Hazelnut Caramel, Mince Pie Marzipan and the Mendient.

Gifting Collection

Paul’s gifting selection for 2018 has been inspired by his love of orange flavours, all in honour of a certain nostalgic Christmas favourite.

These include Paul’s stunning metallic 72% dark or 38% milk Guittard chocolate Red Nosed Reindeer Bars, which will be flavoured with orange and mandarin essential oils for an elegant festive touch. With a delicate red nose decoration and shimmered in silver and gold, the bars are a striking addition to any Christmas stocking.

Brand new for 2018 is the exquisite Brandy Butter Ball Bombe. This beautiful domed dessert, made from Guittard 65% Madagascan chocolate, is filled with layers of brandy butter, orange ganache and dark chocolate ganache and hand-decorated with delicate colours and edible snow.

Also on shelves in their bespoke boxes are Paul’s Very Orangey Chocolate Segments. These Guittard 65% Madagascan dark chocolate segments are flavoured with the vibrant essential oils of orange and mandarin with the surprising addition of Vitamin C for added zing.

Fans of fruity combinations will be delighted that the collection also sees the return of the incredibly popular, Limited Edition sell-out Confit Clementines. Slowly simmered in Billington’s unrefined sugar, each half is hand-dipped in 65% Guittard Madagascan chocolate.

Brownie Mince Pies

No Paul A Young Christmas release is complete without a mention of Paul’s Brownie Mince Pies, Paul’s award-winning fudgy brownie (regularly voted the Best in London) and buttery rich sweet pastry is filled with homemade cognac and ale soaked mincemeat