New mental health early years education global app and London nursery launching


MEplace is a London-based childcare company with a global mission to empower parents with the service, knowledge and tools to navigate the complex world of child development and raise happy and healthy children. With its unique membership model, weekday nursery and the App available to download from today, MEplace will be a new way of life for parents and children.

Ex-investment banker and Founder of MEplace, Vlada Bell, was raised by three generations of teachers and her life mission is to revolutionise childcare in the world. She says:

“Throughout my life, I have had continuous experiences that have developed me into the adult that I am today… but the foundation of how I think, act, feel, perceive myself, my body, others, how I see the world – all of this, began taking shape when I was a little girl during my early years. And that is the case for me, you, and every person on this planet. Sadly, there has been little shared education on how important this precious time of our lives is. And when it comes to formal childcare and nurseries, there is a lot of emphasis on safeguarding, cognitive skills and risk assessment but very few focus on mental and physical health – teaching children to be friends with themselves, how to listen to the signals of their body, observe emotions and understand those around them… My vision is for every nursery and every parent to feel educated on the topic of early child development and its significance on the child’s later life. My team and I are very excited and grateful that we can contribute to such a life-changing mission.”

The MEplace App was created to become a parent’s daily companion, empowering them with activities, knowledge and tools outside of the classroom to continue learning wherever they may be. Features include:

  • Activity Hub: The app contains hundreds of engaging activities for both adults and little ones. Designed with MEplace’s holistic approach in mind, you can filter them through pillars and goals to find the activities that best suit you and your child.
  • Childhood Digest: How does your childhood impact your experience as a parent? Find out about the latest research in child development, psychology and neuroscience with our quick and easy-to-understand digests.
  • Childcare Academy: Find the answers you need to raise happier and healthier children through our bespoke course informed by a holistic approach to child development.