New research shows Londoners have worst gut health


The effects of life in London’s fast lane can have an effect on your gut.  Perhaps it is the fast pace, higher cost of living, eating on the hoof, and the stress of commuting, all which take their toll?  These additional pressures mean that more and more Londoners are experiencing problems with their gut health than anywhere else in the country.

This has been corroborated in research conducted for expert gut health supplement brand Alflorex1.  The survey showed that:

  • 43% Londoners surveyed reported regularly suffering with bloating (vs the national average 29%)
  • 42% of Londoners reported regularly suffering with diarrhoea (vs national average 21%)
  • 33% of Londoners reported regularly suffering with constipation (vs national average 23%)

Interestingly Londoners are less open about their condition too:

  • Londoners were most uncomfortable discussing a bowel issue with their partner (38% shared they were uncomfortable – vs the national average 24%)
  • 21% of Londoners surveyed said this reluctance to discuss bowel issues had impacted the relationships with their partner (national average 14%)
  • 76% of Londoners surveyed have lied to their boss about their illness when off with a bowel issue (national average 47%)


The effects of poor gut health impact more significantly on those in the Capital than any other region and reoccurring bowel issues have prevented Londoners surveyed from:

o   Going on a date (16%) – national average 6%

o   Exercising (23%) – national average 11%

o   Wearing a swimsuit on holiday (12%) – national average 5%

o   Having sex (17%) – national average 10%


When asked if their gut problems caused any embarrassing situations.

o   31% from the region have had to leave a meeting early due to stomach cramps (national average 19%)

o   30% from the region have passed wind in meetings

o   27% admit they keep 2 sets of clothing because or bloating


Stress is the greatest trigger for gut problems in Londoners (41%)

o   Also eating too quickly (27%) (national average 20%)

o   Not eating regularly 20% (national average 15%)


  • 15% of Londoners surveyed have pretended to be pregnant if they have needed the toilet in public and were unable to find a public loo and 21% have knocked on a stranger’s door.
  • 28% of people in London with gut problems have adapted their lives by having different clothes size depending on bloating
  • 29% of people in London with gut problems have adapted their lives by carrying spare toilet roll.
  • 24% of people in London with gut problems have adapted their lives by researching public toilets before leaving the house.


So what can Londoner’s do?

The message is starting to get through.  86% of Londoners surveyed have tried a probiotic supplement to tackle their gut problems.  When asked what was most important benefit they would look for, the largest response was that it treats the cause as well as reducing the symptoms.

So identifying a clinically studied product which is verified to do this is the first step.  Alflorex has been shown to have a significant effect by addressing the cause and reducing the of symptoms in two well-controlled clinical trials led by scientists and gastroenterologists.

Commenting on the scientific validation Dr Pixie McKenna commented: “There are lots of products out there that calm the gut and that’s very exciting, but what’s so great now is we have a product like Alflorex, where we know that there’s robust evidence behind it. Most people who visit me with gut problems as a GP will have tried a whole host of things that haven’t worked. Often, by the time they’re sitting in front of you as a doctor you’ve no idea what they’ve tried but they are keen to try something that they know from you is validated, and you would use yourself. I definitely recommend Alflorex if you’re suffering from any gut health issues – the clinical evidence speaks for itself”.

The 35624® culture is key to its success.  Alflorex is the only gut health supplement containing the 35624 bacterial strain – a naturally occurring bacterial strain which was originally discovered by PrecisionBiotics in a healthy human colon. It’s part of the family of bacteria that mothers pass to their babies at birth. However, the bacterial make-up of adults can be different and most of us do not have the 35624 bacteria as a natural part of our microbiota (gut flora) by the time we reach adulthood.  Through advances in R&D PrecisionBiotics has managed to isolate and extensively study the 35624 culture, and make it readily available in a tiny capsule – allowing the live culture to reach the gut intact where it can proliferate and overcome the ‘bad bacteria’.