New sensory snack bar pop-up opens in Soho


This April, the KIND bar, a sensory snack experience created by KIND Snacks, will open its doors to people in London for a limited time.

The store sits in the heart of Soho and will be a journey of discovery for visitors to touch, smell and taste their way to a custom-made snack. The interactive pop-up has been launched by KIND Snacks in celebration of all things taste and is complimentary.

Upon entering the pop-up, the first stop is the Scent Station. When guests enter, they’ll get acquainted with the aromas of key ingredients to help select the perfect mix of flavours for their personalised snack bar.

The next stop is KIND’s nutritional corner, where visitors will learn more about the many benefits of the ingredients in the bars, as well as some interesting facts. For example, all KIND bars are made with whole nuts as the first and predominant ingredient.

And then onto the main event, The Creation Station, where visitors can choose from a selection of ingredients to top their nut-based KIND bar, such as smooth melted chocolate, chilli flakes and almond butter.

But it’s more than just sensory discovery and tasty snacks, visitors will also be able to pose for the camera in an interactive group photo area, where they can take a polaroid picture and pop it on the bar of fame. Visitors can also capture Insta-worthy snaps of their tailor-made bars in the food photography area where there is a chance to win a 6 months’ supply of KIND bars by tagging @kindsnacksuk on Instagram with a picture of the bar’.

Audrey Arbeeny, Head of Marketing at KIND Snacks UK, says: “We are so excited to announce the launch of the KIND bar! We know taste is a unique and personal experience and that’s why we wanted to create a space where people can sample a variety of flavour combinations to build their ultimate personalised KIND bar.

“Taste is critical when we are developing bars. However, we believe you should never have to choose between delicious or nutritious. Every KIND bar is made with nutrient-dense, simple ingredients like whole nuts and fruit. We want to give people the chance to make their own tasty creation!
the KIND bar is open from Thursday 25th April until Sunday 28th April.

It is located at 55A Dean Street, London, W1D 6AG and opening hours are:

Thursday 24th April (11am – 7pm)
Friday 25th April (11am – 7pm)
Saturday 26th April (10am – 6pm)
Sunday 27th April (10am – 2pm)