Wembley Park Art Trail launches onto CityTrotter app to mark UNESCO World Art Day


Wembley Park is taking art exploration to new heights with the launch of the app-based Wembley Park Art Trail, hosted within CityTrotter: London Walks. To mark UNESCO’s World Art Day, 15 April, the Northwest London neighbourhood has debuted a new digital solution aimed at encouraging visitors to explore its popular free outdoor art trail, consisting of 23 public artworks.

The newly launched app-based guide offers a streamlined way to discover the diverse art pieces on display throughout Wembley Park, just 12 minutes from central London. Utilising GPS technology, the app precisely directs users to each art installation, ensuring a smooth exploration experience. Artworks are creatively displayed on various surfaces across the neighbourhood, such as bridges, floors, bollards, staircases, and digital totems. The app enriches this journey by providing detailed information and context about each piece, deepening users’ understanding and appreciation of the art they encounter along the way.

Over the last five years, Wembley Park has delivered an increasing number of installations to enliven its public spaces. As a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the neighbourhood brought together its artworks into a cohesive trail. Today, an evolving programme of temporary additions joins the permanent artworks on display including the work of world-renowned British street artist Mr. Doodle. His distinctive “graffiti spaghetti” style covers over 30 concrete barrier blocks across Wembley Park, as well as an entire caravan. In recent years, Mr. Doodle has amassed a cult following, with over 7 million followers across his social media accounts. Some of his work has fetched as much as £6.3 million at Sotheby’s.

“This new app-based digital guide to the Wembley Park Art Trail is a great way to get up close with all the amazing public art on display for free across the neighbourhood. It’s designed to make exploring over 23 artworks super interactive and engaging, right from your phone. We’re excited about making art accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whether you’re a local or just visiting.”
Claudio Giambrone, Head of Marketing at Wembley Park

The digital guide to the Wembley Park Art Trail, downloadable on the free CityTrotter: London Walks app for both Android and Apple iOS, offers an eco-friendly way to explore London. It encourages active travel and customisable trails. Encouraging users to walk more, the app helps in reducing the environmental impact of exploring London, making it a more sustainable and environmentally conscious experience.