New TV documentary: Secrets of the London Underground to be aired later this year


Viewers that can’t wait for UKTV’s new Secrets of the London Underground documentary – to be aired on the Yesterday channel later this year – should join a virtual Hidden London disused station tour to get a sneak preview of this subterranean world. The new virtual tour dates go on public sale on Friday 26 March 2021 on the London Transport Museum website.

In the new TV series, Siddy Holloway from London Transport Museum and railway historian Tim Dunn (from The Architecture The Railways Built series) will explore hidden areas of the London Underground that – despite being just feet away from where millions of people regularly travel – hardly anyone knows about.

The pair will explore abandoned tunnels, secret bunkers and hidden staircases that have been concealed from public view for years. They will use their unique and privileged access to tell the story of London’s most clandestine Tube stations. Other highlights include a track walk to two different disused stations in the middle of the night and the exploration of the deepest point of the London Underground to a lost station from 1906.

Siddy Holloway, Hidden London Engagement Manager and Co-presenter of the show, said: “I am really looking forward to taking viewers of this new documentary series on a journey deep into the hidden underworld of London Underground. Secrets of the London Underground is brimming with stories of ‘lost’ stations and subterranean spaces that most people will never get to see.”

Tim Dunn, Railway Historian and Co-presenter of the show, said: “We’ve got special access to places that very few people have been – and I can’t wait to take everyone with us. Expect expertly-guided fact-packed tours around London’s hidden places; plus stories and tales that’ll surprise and fascinate. This project is a dream come true!”

Secrets of the London Underground has been commissioned for UKTV by deputy director of commissioning Hilary Rosen and ordered by Yesterday channel director, Gerald Casey. The series is produced by Brown Bob Productions and the executive producer is Rob Dersley.

UKTV’s Hilary Rosen, said: “We’re delighted to be going underground with Brown Bob for this new series on Yesterday. Viewers are fascinated by the Tube and this series promises unseen locations, fresh stories and secrets galore from right across the city. All of which will be brought to screen by the irrepressible Tim Dunn who is this time joined by London Underground expert Siddy Holloway. Prepare to be captivated.”

Jacqueline Hewer, CEO of Brown Bob Productions, said: “We’re really excited to be producing another series for Yesterday, taking Tim on a new adventure, and introducing Siddy to the audience. We can promise one thing – you’ll never travel on the Tube again without wondering what’s through that door at the end of the platform…”

The series will air on Yesterday later in 2021 and will also be available to catch-up on UKTV Play. Other recent UKTV Original commissions for Yesterday include, The Architecture The Railways Built (also produced by Brown Bob), Restoration Workshop, Warbird Workshop and two further series of Bangers & Cash.