Newham urges continued use of masks


Monday July 19th is the day that sees the Government lift restrictions on what you
can and cannot do regarding protecting us all against further spread of COVID 19
but Newham is urging people to stick to wearing facemasks and remaining safe.

The Government is dropping all restrictions including social distancing, compulsory
wearing of masks and the re-opening of nightclubs and other venues. Whilst gaining
more freedoms is to be welcomed, we should all still act cautiously in reacting to the
latest easing of restrictions.

In Newham, the rate of infection is increasing, while only 35% of our population –
half the UK average – has been fully vaccinated with two jabs by the Government.

Only 56% of our adult opportunity have received their first shot versus 87% across
the UK. We are doing all we can to increase the number of people vaccinated and
have daily events for those aged 18 plus to have a vaccination.

Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham, said:
“It is the right thing to do for everyone to continue wear masks as they do now in
order to keep each other safe. With only 35% of people fully vaccinated, Newham
people are at serious risk from the coming third wave. I am fighting hard to make
sure Newham gets its fair share of vaccinations but until everyone is fully vaccinated
we must keep each other safe by continuing to wear masks as before.”

Newham Council will be asking anyone entering, or working in, council buildings to
wash their hands, wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Jason Strelitz, Newham Director of Public Health, said:
“Whilst many of us will enjoy these new freedoms, I am acutely aware of those with
underlining health issues who may feel anxious and we should all still act cautiously
in reacting to the latest easing of restrictions by taking care of our loved ones.
“Let’s help each other by following the simple rules of stay safe, wash your hands
and wear a mask where appropriate.”