Newly-installed modern lifts restore accessibility to busy Brixton Tube station


Transport for London have announced that Brixton Tube station is step-free once again, after two new lifts were installed.

The new, modern lifts will help to ensure the station is accessible to all customers, including disabled or older customers, parents or carers with buggies and people with heavy luggage.

The new lifts are easier to maintain than the previous models and will also operate more quickly to reduce journey times for customers using the station. The old lifts, which were originally installed in 2005, had become unreliable and so it was vital they were replaced.

The station has two lifts, one from the street to the ticket hall, and the other from the ticket hall to the platforms. Both lifts were replaced at the same time in order to complete the crucial work as quickly as possible. The rest of the station, including the stairs and escalators, was not affected by this work and continued to operate as normal.