Nigerian Philanthropist Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo giving Helping Hands In Time Of Turbulence


Thanks to her investing prowess, Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo, the founder of Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation has been giving a helping hand, not only to the vulnerable community but to the less privileged with her campaign that strives to support Elderly, Orphans, Needy people and vulnerable children.

When an individual has not got the necessary required skills to perform a particular job, it can mean a financial struggle.

Funmi Ayinke started the Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation based on this mission, to give a helping hand to the vulnerable community.

She understands that not everyone will have the required skills to be successful. In contrast, not everyone will have the means to develop the necessary skills to be a professional in their respective field.

Nevertheless, everyone deserves a chance to develop any skills they seem interested in.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by the foundation media team on Friday 13th, 2020 states that Engineer Funmi Ayinke was born a philanthropist and all the work attributed to her are ways of her giving hope to the vulnerable community.

The statement further read in part that “wealthy people are normal people with the mind of giving”, and Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation funding enables young adult and youths back to school.

In the statement signed by Omobolanle Opaleye further stated that the foundation also offers engagement opportunities which could help to build a network of philanthropists in Nigeria.

“There is a challenge to the stereotypical of philanthropist in contemporary society, Wealthy Nigerians are from all corners of Nigeria, and their stories are inspiring, and also the impact of their charitable giving testifies to the value of the Philanthropy community”.

“Engineer Funmi Waheed-Adekojo is proud of the success of her grant to the Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation and hopes for more great Nigerian philanthropists to follow her footstep. If we have more philanthropist available to all kind of donors, the Nigerian economy would be better she added”.

Funding Beyond The Crisis
Funmi Waheed-Adekojo responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria by opening her door to help the vulnerable. Her foundation has donated pieces of equipment, Machines and even support other businesses financially making sure her efforts in charity giving is fulfilled.

The Nigerian Philanthropy has given out millions in cash to support the less privileged.

A rich country like Nigeria has a history of accepting foreign aid, but the money given by the government or NGOs to help the vulnerable community are being squandered before it gets into the right hands.

Nigeria has a lot of wealthy people who want to make more money in a country where the gap between the poor and the rich is enormous.

Research suggests that the majority of wealthy people in Nigeria does not engage in any charitable giving. Less than 2 per cent of ultra-wealthy Nigerians give away less than 1 per cent of their wealth each year according to DKMNGR statistics.
Unlike these wealthy people, Funmi Ayinke realised the struggle she went through growing up and applied that in the way she does charitable giving.

Speaking to the UK based Nigerian blogger, Dakingsman, Funmi Ayinke said her father passed away when she was young, and her single mother raised her and her siblings.
Meanwhile, Funmi Ayinke and her siblings earned a University degree in their respective field, giving her and her siblings the chance to pursue their ambition opening doors to business opportunities.

Just a few months ago, Funmi organised a programme for the widows, in which she gave a speech which was very intense and emotional.

During her speech, Funmi told the widows about the struggle her mother went through raising her and her siblings after the death of her father, this helps in the uplifting of this women and the encouragement and financial support she gave gives her the name “Our Mother” in the society.

Funmi’s philanthropic work starts with the young youths and vulnerable children; she has sponsored over ten thousand Nigerian youths to school through her Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation.

Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation was established on one purpose, to rekindle the fire of hope which perhaps was “burning low”.

One of the Ogun State student leaders, Comrade Ogunaike, told Dakingsman that Engineer Funmi Waheed-Adekojo has been supporting the students in the state, apart from sponsoring at least ten thousand youths back to school.

“Our mother Funmi Ayinke has been the backbone of the majority of students in the state” he said.