Over 40% of Marble Arch Mound sponsorship has not yet been paid


Financial woes continue at the £6 million Marble Arch Mound as £62,000, over 40% of the expected £152,000 sponsorship, has not yet been paid to the Council

Westminster Council has, so far, only received £90,000 in sponsorship to pay for the failed Marble Arch Mound which has cost Westminster Council Taxpayers £6 million. The Council says, “Total sponsorship received to date is £90k and a further £62k is due to be paid this month, taking the total expected amount to £152k.”

In May 2021, Councillors were told that sponsorship income was expected to be in the region of £450,000 and”£130k of sponsorship are already confirmed. We continue to engage with potential sponsors.”

Councillors were also told that:

“The income from sponsorship is also considered conservative at this stage and could be substantially higher than the estimates in the report. Officers are proactively pursuing further sponsorship opportunities and will provide regular reports on progress.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour City Management spokesperson, said:

“Boris Johnson’s Westminster Conservatives are world-class wasters of public money. As the Mound scaffolding is finally coming down, the financial problems of the £6 million Marble Arch Mound continue. Even though the Mound closed in January, over £60,000 sponsorship has still not been paid, making the financial problems for the Council even worse.”

“The £6 million Marble Arch Mound is a key election issue. Residents are rightly angry that the Council should have wasted so much public money when it could have been better spent on other pressing concerns. More police on the streets, CCTV cameras to catch illegal rubbish dumpers and more homes for those in housing need are all ways in which residents believe that £6 million could have been better spent. For many residents, the £6 million Marble Arch Mound is the reason they will not be voting Conservative on 5th May.”