OVERRIDE lead actress Jess Impiazzi on the new flick, preparing for the role and future plans


Jess, how did you get into acting?

It is something I’ve always wanted to do; I think since birth! I remember always putting on shows at Christmas time for the family. It was something i had just naturally gravitated toward. Which is why in my teens i went off to theatre school in London to train in the arts full time. i think as a child we naturally gravitate to what we love, therefore we should always pay attention to it.

You have a lead role in Override – how did this come about?

I actually played a role in a previous film from Amarich Productions, the Seven, and had such a great time with the cast and crew. I was shown the Override script and was over the moon to have had a roll written with me in mind for the lead.

You play an incredible character of Ria who is a is…not a normal human and her life is a reality show, what preparations or adjustments did you have to make for your role?

At theatre school and other acting lessons, you are told to use other emotions that you can really relate to from your own experiences in life. However as you say, the character was very different from the norm so i had to really forget this and almost desensitize myself from emotion which was a really weird thing to do, but great fun!

Is there anything you hope people who might relate to parts of the film take away from it?

I think there is an element of how people are exploited and what consequences can come from that. Hopefully people will be less willing to exploit people and things in real life.

You share the screen with legends such as Luke Goss and Dean Cain, what was the experience like?

Incredible. With people that have been in the industry a long time, i get the opportunity to learn from them. Besides that, everyone i worked with on Override were just incredible people.

What were some of your biggest challenges while filming Override?

I think for me self-doubt, i know a lot of People get imposter syndrome, even the Hollywood A listers have spoken about it. However, i see that now as another growth experience because self-belief is so important and making this movie with such talented actors like Dean and Luke really helped me push away any fears.

In the film your character changes form a lovable housewife to almost a villan, what was like to have such a drastic transition?

I actually really enjoyed the transformation, mainly because you get to stretch yourself, we all have a good and a bad side of our personality and to play the both sides and seeing the switch happen on screen was an enjoyable experience. I like to test myself and getting to switch as the character did so drastically was a great test.

You have worked with the producer Amar Adatia in three of his films, which character you played stands out the most to you and which one did you enjoy portraying the most?

It has to be Ria in override just because she is such a unique character and something completely out of the norm. I’ve enjoyed all the films but RIA was for sure my favourite character.

What’s next for Jess Impiazzi?

I am working on a new TV series which i start filming very soon. It’s a comedy, i love the script and the cast is excellent.

Override is available in the UK on all digital platforms and DVD on 6th September.

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