The latest carb-haven to join London is Pasta Nostra on Old Street, offering freshly made pasta alongside traditional Italian eats. The restaurant is the brainchild of two chefs; 24-year-old Wilfred Mafham and 27-year-old Luca Cianti following a series of successful masterclasses at Tooting Broadway Market.

Wilfred starting cooking when he was just 11 and went on to cook at Michelin-starred Trinity and Bistro Union with Chef Adam Byatt, and Luca brings his expertise from Rome having worked at Pastaficio. He also brings his passion for provenance to the table and has held positions at Restaurant ‘Ours’ and Bistro Union with Wilfred.

The menu is short and sweet, consisting of small plates and Pasta Nostra (which translates to ‘our pasta’) to choose from. To start, a must have is their house focaccia which is made fresh every morning, plus authentic Burrata with pressed sorrel and cucumber salad or aubergine Parmigiana.

Pasta Nostra add their own unique touch to their pasta to really make it their own. The Tortello Carbonara with crispy cured pork cheek has ditched the classic spaghetti for an explosion of rich creamy goodness in the form of parcels and their homemade pesto is a notable feature in their Orecchiette al Pesto with green beans. They’ve also paid homage to their roots, serving up Pappardelle Oxtail Ragu which is braised for 12 hours and lovingly garnished with 24-month aged parmesan. Two classic desserts round off the meal perfectly, Sicilian Cannolo with fresh sheep’s ricotta in a crisp shell and Tiramisu.

No trip to Pasta Nostra is complete without Aperitivi! All the tipples you could desire from Negroni and Grappa Cividina are at hand as well as their very own Nostra Lager and Nostra Pale.

There’s also a charming Espresso Bar; the perfect pit stop to start the day the Italian way! Guests can simply pop in and pick a coffee of choice, all 100% Arabica and roasted in Italy. For those taking away, Pasta Nostra offer a superb £10 takeaway menu including a trio of Italian gems: homemade pasta, house focaccia and mixed leaf salad. Choose from their 4 staples; Fettuccine Amatriciana with 6-hour slow cooked tomato and cured pork cheek, Gnocchi Puttanesca, Orecchiette al Pesto and of course Fettuccine Bolognese.

The restaurant is open plan with charismatic exposed beams and bricks allowing the focus to be solely on the heavenly food. The kitchen and team are fully exposed for everyone to enjoy the passion and energy the chefs exude when making their pasta from scratch. With an industrial feel, the décor is lifted with bold, bright colours and lush green plant life to create an inviting environment to indulge in delicious pasta.

Boasting outdoor seating too, Pasta Nostra is set to become one of London’s favourite Italians, redefining what embodies a great pasta restaurant.