Pastillas. The Sweet Treat You Didn’t Know You Needed

You send it. We shoot it.

In the Philippines, pastillas are a way of life. In the United Kingdom, these milkshake bites are just beginning to catch on with those people who do not already have connections to the Philippine community. was founded by a family who had spent some time in the Philippines and returned to the UK with as many boxes of pastillas as they could fit in their checking bags. Having developed a taste for the Philippines’ signature sweet treat, they decided to bring it to the UK.

In the Philippines, pastillas are sold whole, in long, thin form, wrapped. They are a milk-based sweet confectionery product, also called Pastillas de leche or Pastiyema in their original form. Pastillas, as produced by, aim to hit a wider market. The original pastillas are still faithful to their sweet-toothed roots, but the UK arm of the pastillas movement is aiming to widen their appeal. Sweet protein and vegetarian options are already available, with low sugar and vegan options in development.

Pastillas originated in San Miguel in Bulacan and subsequently spread across other areas of the Philippines. They were originally made by hand by carabao (water buffalo) farmers from the area and cow’s milk began to be used to keep up with demand. Other ingredients were employed too, including calamondin or acid orange juice. is expanding the cultural UK market for milkshake bites of their own, with unique flavours, specialist mixes and allergy-friendly options, either available or incoming.

Pastillas are usually sweet, and have taken that idea and run with it. Regular flavours include Chocolate Chip, Banana, Mint Choc Chip and Strawberry. The Protein range is available in Caramel, Milk, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate, and aims to recreate the taste of a protein shake in pastillas format; protein pastillas, as the website has it. The company is working on both Vegan and Low Sugar versions of their popular flavours. The Vegetarian range is already live and selling well.

Many of the ranges available through are made with no artificial ingredients. Pastillas are enticing for anyone, even if they have never visited the Philippines before. offers the chance to experience this unique and tasty sweet treat, no matter where the buyer is in the world.