PCR Fit to Travel Tests


What is a PCR test?

The term PCR stands for Polymerase chain reaction. It is basically an in-vitro method. It is a core molecular biology and is very much effective.

Although is thought to be the most rapid and efficient mode of identifying a  virus and its strains. It implies a specific chain of DNA or RNA sequences to evaluate the amplification of the foreign body. A primer along with a target DNA together makes the actual standardized size of the PCR. The primer that is applied is commonly the synthetic oligonucleotide. Furthermore, the Taq polymerase is used to bring out the multi number of copies of DNA.

What is the PCR test and why it is conducted?

The Polymerase chain reaction test is commonly conducted to determine the genetic make of the specific organism available in the diseased body. These organisms can be either bacteria or viruses. If you have symptoms of an infection that is not going away. You may adopt the option of having a PCR test. This will help you to identify the following things:

  • Multiplication of the organism present in the body is occurring or static.
  • The genetic makeup of the virus or bacteria.
  • If you have suffered lately with some disease, the PCR test will detect the fragmentation of the virus or bacteria.
  • This can easily detect where the infection is existing or has demised.

Therefore, with its DNA size and shape specialist will determine the root cause. He can treat the problem accordingly.

The amplification stages of the PCR test:

There is total three stages in the amplification of the PCR test which are as follow:

  • Make up of single strand of DNA by the denaturation of the existing double strand of DNA.
  • Targeted DNA sequence is annealed by the primer.
  • Occurrence of the extending phase. Here primer helps in the extension of the dsDNA.

Further making a new strand of dsDNA where one strand lies to the older structure while a new strand originates as well.

  • The dsDNA supports the formation of the new strand, and the cycle continues.
  • This amplification helps in the production of millions of strands of DNA.

What is COVID-19 PCR test?

A swab from both the nostrils it taken, Later the smear is taken to check the multiplication and the fragmentation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus of deadly corona virus. It has created a havoc all around the world. People are stuck at their homes. As PCR test is the most accurate and the reliable test which is suggested by specialists all over the world. Therefore, its results are considered 100% accurate. PCR is labelled as the gold standard test.

You can get a PCR Test London from a government approved provider such as Harley Medic International.

How does the PCR test work?

Initially there are three key steps for the conductance of the COVID-19 PCR test or for other types of viruses too. These stages are as follows:

  • Collection of the swab/sample.
  • Extraction of the virus
  • Conductance of the PCR
  • Determination of results.

Collection of the swab/sample:

The respiratory fluid is collected from the nose with the help of a swab. That swab comprises of a long strong stick which can be easily bent and rotated, and it has a soft edge. That swab goes into the nostrils (keep in mind if it is the nasopharyngeal swab then the swab will collect smear from the nasal cavity). Otherwise, the swab would be from the nostrils. Any of these is good enough to conduct a PCR test. After collecting the swab, it is sealed in a glass or plastic tube and further sent for investigation.


The laboratory technician separates the genetic make up from the virus or the material obtained with swab. Thus, after the isolation of the genetic material of the host further steps are performed to detect the presence of virus.

Conductance of PCR:

A thermal cycler as well as a chemical reagent is used. This machine with reagent forms a reaction in which the genetic make up of the virus converts into millions of copies. If the COVID-19 virus does exist, then the chemical will produce fluorescence to show the existence of SARS-CoV-2.

Detection of result:

After the detection of the fluorescence light in the PCR machine for the existence of virus. Furthermore, a software is used to depict the outcome of the test to be positive.

PCR tests are often used for travel, these are called fit to fly covid test and certify the traveller does not have COVID-19.