Personalised Golf Balls: The Best Christmas Golfing Gift


It’s nearly Christmas, and if you’re anything like us, you’re getting your Christmas shopping done now to avoid the rush. So, if you’ve got a golfer in your life, what can you get them to make Christmas morning a truly special one this year?

We recommend a set of personalised golf balls from gimmeballs.

Based in South Wales, gimmeballs use a UV printer to customise golf balls to each customer’s satisfaction. Whether it’s a picture of a loved one, an in-joke among friends, or a personalised monogram, they can put almost anything you want on a golf ball.

There several advantages to playing with personalised golf balls:

1) They’re less likely to go missing. At the swing of a club, your golf ball can vanish into long grass, trees, or a water obstacle. But give your golf-loving friend or partner a personalised set of golf balls, and they might just aim to keep a closer eye on their balls. Even if the balls do go into the trees or the grass, a ball with an eye-catching custom design may prove easier to find than a generic white golf ball.

2) They’re easier to identify. It can be tricky even forexperienced golfers to keep track of their balls in flight and identify whose ball is whose after everyone has teed off. Using a unique personalised golf ball makes this less of a headache.

3) They show you care. A customised set of golf balls makes for a much more intimate gift on Christmas morning than a simple set of new, unmarked golf balls. It’s a demonstration of support for your loved one’s hobby that goes above and beyond simply buying them some new equipment.

4) They don’t cost too much. All of the golf balls available from gimmeballs are sold at competitive prices, so even if you don’t choose to customise them, you can still get them cheaper than you might do elsewhere. The personalisation process itself is only an additional £4 (and certain balls come with free personalisation) so it won’t break the bank if you want to add that personal touch.

So, if there’s a golfer in your life and you’re stuck for the ideal Christmas present, why not ask the folks at gimmeballsfor a personalised set of golf balls?