Plan to Win Over a Girl by Correspondence


To cause the interest of a girl you like on a dating site, app, or social networks, you need to carefully develop a plan of action. You should think through all the nuances, starting with dating and ending with preparing for a meeting in real life.

How to Start a Dialog

Writing the first message to one of the Russian brides you like on is always a bit scary because you want to make a good impression on her. To start a conversation with a beautiful stranger on the web, carefully study her page:

  • analyze the information about hobbies and favorite books that the woman has posted in her profile;
  • view profile photos;
  • review posts and saved pictures;
  • study the groups on which she is subscribed;
  • view music and videos in her account.

All this information will help you find a common topic for your first entry into the dialog.

The First Message

When coming up with the first message, forget about platitudes. “Hello, how are you?” or “Good evening, beautiful” will not work. The first message should reveal the essence of the man and his purpose of entering the dialogue. To make a girl want to answer it, it must contain the following information:

  1. Who are you? A man must introduce himself — write his name, even though it is already indicated in his profile.
  2. What is the purpose of writing a message? A young man should immediately indicate his intentions: he wants to communicate, find a virtual friend, ask about the resort in the picture, discuss the book, find out her opinion about the film.
  3. Why did you choose this girl from numerous women’s profiles? The guy should explain what attracted him: he found a common passion, noticed interesting pictures on the page, etc.

Topics for Сonversation

For a girl to like a conversation, a man should prepare a list of topics that will be discussed during the conversation in advance. This will help to avoid awkward pauses so that the woman will have a pleasant impression of the interlocutor’s communication skills. To get closer to a girl on the Internet, touch on the following topics for discussion during correspondence:

  • Occupation: where she studies, what profession she wants to get, where she works, why she is interested in this activity.
  • Hobbies: what sports the lady prefers, who is her favorite author, how she likes to spend weekends, what websites she visits.
  • Art is a broad topic for conversation, which helps to find out the interlocutor’s view of situations that are shown in films. Favorite musical compositions, paintings, attitude to theater performances — all this information can be useful in the future when a man will gain the heart of a girl at a real meeting.
  • Traveling: what places she has managed to visit, what countries she wants to visit. Ask the girl about the pleasant impressions of the trip, about the culture and architecture of the native city.
  • Food preferences can also be a perfect topic of conversation that will help you choose a restaurant for a date in the future.

Gradually, there will be more common topics with the interlocutor. To get closer to a girl online, try to find a common activity. For example, watch the same movie together and then discuss it.