Preparing For Your Day 2 PCR Test In Scotland


You can now get a cheaper day 2 PCR test in Scotland, perfect for travel and long journeys where you need to undertake a covid test that is going to be fast, accurate and affordable. 

The government has released a list of private  suppliers of day 2 PCR testing, which fully vaccinated visitors coming from green countries such as the UK can now use instead of Lateral flow tests. Here, we offer our recommendations for selecting a supplier and the names of a few to consider.

Moreover, passengers should fill out the passenger locator form, including the booking reference number provided by their selected provider. This gives travel authorities as well as health authorities the information they need to permit you to continue you with your journey. 

Gathering Key Results And Information 

To validate results, travellers should confirm with the test provider, and if the outcome is positive, travellers must self isolate and take further tests after a number of days to determine whether or not they are still infected.

For many people, the new restrictions will make travelling overseas easier and less expensive. Day 2 PCR testing might range in price from as little as £30 and above. Those who haven’t been immunized will have to pay for three tests and self-isolate when they return to the UK depending on the country that they have visited. 

What we can gather from this information is that it’s clear that getting fully vaccinated shows clear benefits over choosing not to get vaccinated. Vaccinations in Scotland can be arranged by contacting your local health authority, there are also drop in clinics being made available across the country by organisations such as the ambulance service in order to boost vaccination numbers. 

How Do You Complete A PCR Test On Day 2 In Scotland?

When you are fully vaccinated and going to Scotland from a non-red-list country, you must arrange and pay for a test for COVID-19 before travelling. It is because you’ll need your booking reference on the Passenger Locator Form.

You must schedule your test for the end of day two or before. Day 0 is the first day of your journey. It means you’re perfectly legal to get checked when you arrive at the airport. The majority of airports offer testing facilities. They are more expensive than performing your home test, but they may save you time and effort.

A PCR test can be used if you wish to be tested, but a negative antigen test result is now also acceptable as proof of a negative test result. 

The day 2 pcr test in Scotland  that you take must come from a government-approved private provider in the United Kingdom. Lateral flow tests available from the UK government are not suitable for this purpose however. 

The testing firm must then provide you with your day 2 PCR test results and your unique booking reference. You will likely get detailed instructions via email or at the testing centre regarding what to do next once you have received your day 2 PCR test results In Scotland. 

If you test positive, you must isolate yourself and be tested with a PCR test to confirm your findings. It will aid in the detection of novel viral varieties. If that’s also a yes, you’ll have ten days of self-isolation ahead of you.


As a result, you’ll need to make plans for your Day 2 PCR tests before you arrive in Scotland.

You can  place your orders online and arrange for your tests to be completed at home or alternatively at an approved testing centre. There are plenty of different testing providers to choose from each with their own unique range of skills and expertise from within their field. 

PCR tests offer a reliable and accurate testing platform to ensure that travellers visiting or leaving Scotland are free from the virus.