Prestigious Art And Entertainment Awards Are To Grace London This September


The IARAs (International Achievement Recognition Awards) leave no-one out when recognising talent and hard work within the entertainment industry. The awards put hard work, integrity and diversity at centre stage when some other award ceremonies opt for popularity. The awards aim to celebrate the hard work of individuals both on and off stage and recognise the collaborative effort needed to display or perform a work of art.

The IARA awards were set up as the first of their kind to recognise hard work and talent across the two industries, art and entertainment, from film producers, to fashion designers and music artists. Nominees are chosen for the difference they have made in their field and for being positive role models to today’s society and for the future.

IARA founder, Helen Imuaphe, makes it abundantly clear that the IARA awards are designed to respect and promote diversity for artists around the globe. She strongly believes that artists should be held in equal esteem regardless of race, sex or orientation and regardless of the field in which they work: working behind the scenes on a film contributes as much as an actor in front of the camera.

Helen Imuaphe explains, “It is imperative for us to impact lives in a positive manner, lift others up as we climb the ladder of success and be the best we can ever be.”

The 2018 IARA ceremony, to take place in Canary Wharf on September 22nd 2018, is set to be a star-studded, opulent red carpet event, leaving no detail spared in order to show the gratitude and respect founders, judges and guests have for the people receiving the awards. Guests include dignitaries from the arts field and beyond, such as iconic fashion designers, community leaders and BBC film representatives.

The IARAs have celebrated the talents of many popular artists, proving its credibility amongst other prestigious ceremonies. Previous award nominees and winners include: Charles Venn, Anthony Boyle (Harry Potter) EastEnders Actor Danny Walter, Joshua Kane , Terry Pheto, British Breakthrough Actor Paapa Essiedu, “Murdered By Father” & ITV drama “Kirk” actress Kiran Sonia Sawar, Sandra & Sandi Of Gogglebox, Reggie N Bollie Xfactor Finalist , HolbyCity & Strictly Come Dancing star Chizzy Akudolu , Dream Girls Star Adam J Bernard, Les Miserable star Paul Wilkins.

Nominations for the upcoming ceremony are to be announced on Monday 10th July.