Rapper C.KHiD Implying Return to Music in 2019 With New Songs, Artwork


If you’re a gambling fan, then you’re likely familiar with trying to seduce Lady Luck. When going to the casino, everyone has their own patented way of assuring that tonight will be their night. A rabbit’s foot, mismatched socks, anything could tip the balance so that you’ll be entering with a hundred dollars, and leaving with ten times that. Made famous by getaway drivers, having the perfect song is a traditional way of making one throw their dice right. A new song released by South Carolina rapper, C.KHiD, is a guaranteed hit that will keep your gambling money flowing in the right direction.

C.KHiD’s newest Hip-Hop song, titled “Las Vegas,” is appropriately named for the Western city that inspired it. With the beginnings of the track heard in his vlog series dating back to 2016, the track has likely been in the works for sometime, and has now been released in its finalized state.  It’s not to be confused with his other single “Vegas Atlanta Harlem” (see here) either! 

This new theme song for high rollers found its place on C.KHiD’s latest album, abKw2P, in late 2018. Originally, the project was removed with no warning, then resurfaced with this new addition. Little is known for the reason behind this change, as the mysterious rapper has said nothing regarding the changes on either his social media platforms, or his website: ckhid.com 

The upload date would suggest that C.KHiD had published his new single sometime in November. However, with no promotion or press, the track seems to have just appeared out of thin air on streaming platforms.

The song features engineering by “Dres’more,” AKA Carlos Paez, according to music credits. Production was finalized by producer Dopant Beats.

The song opens with a Michael Buffer styled announcement – C.KHiD’s in the corner, and he’s going to take your b—h. It’s funny. Its high energy and high status will make anyone feel like they’re going to walk away from any casino with not just money, but the hottest girl at the bar. This song is by big spenders, and for them.

C.KHiD himself is no stranger to gambling, having made a name for himself at Vegas tables.  The Wynn hotel and other casinos in the downtown Fremont street area gave permission to have him shoot his 2012 music video “Do The Hustle.” 

C.KHiD even references Vegas superstar Floyd Mayweather to showcase his deep pockets. He is himself not a part of “The Money Team,” but he did appear ringside at a Mayweather fight. This is impressive for an independent artist, as to buy seats like that,  you need to be someone who can really pop some tags – but not Macklemore style.

Is C.KHiD Back?

Rumors have been circulating lately that C.KHiD may finally be returning to music in 2019. The rapper departed the United States a few years back to travel abroad, spending some time in both Central Europe and the Dominican Republic, where additional gossip states he may have a family. Family aside, C.KHiD seems to be behind the creation of new music during his hiatus, which seems to imply an imminent return to the music industry.

In addition to new music, C.KHiD has also released new artwork to go along with his possible return. “Black Box Dreams 5” shows C.KHiD chilling on Italy’s famed Positano beach. The emcee crouched against the flamboyant beach houses, adding a flashy ornament to the already bejeweled black sand beach of the Almafi Coast. “Black Box Dreams 3” was also updated – or upgraded – with a pic of C.KhID out and about in Budapest, Hungary. Toying with his necklace and seemingly lost in thought, the rapper seems to be eager to usher in a new, introspective era to his music.

C.KHiD’s been both in and out of the game for awhile. So far, it looks like he still remembers how to play it.   He’s one of the most popular rappers from South Carolina to ever go viral on the internet. Blacc Zacc and Speaker Knockaz are the only two other names that have done comparable numbers in the past 10 year.    And while Drake and Chris Brown are busy having dance battles in ‘No Guidance,’ there are rumors circulating that a legal issue has arisen.  C.KHiD was never compensated for the use of his song ‘AYO’ supposedly by Tyga and Chris Breezy.