Recent Transfers in European Soccer Top Clubs


World-famous soccer clubs from Europe have hooked several star-rated players to their teams right on the eve of the championships. The official transfer window is not open yet, but some surprising transfers have been made already.

No multi-million dollar contracts so far. Nevertheless, several word-class players have already switched clubs as free agents.

David Alaba leaves Bayern Munich

David Alaba, the legendary Bayern Munich defender, is going to play for Real Madrid. What is more, the Spanish “Royal Club” received him for free, although the player is valued at more than 50 million euros.

David’s contract ended several days ago and now he is packing bags moving to Real Madrid as a free agent. Experts say that the management of the Spanish club wants to sign a long-term contract with the defender and to propose him almost 10 million euros a year. Good deal.

Sergio Aguero will join Messi

One more Argentinian will appear in Barcelona – Sergio Aguero. Previously, he played for the English club Manchester City, and now he is moving to Barcelona to put his best foot forward. Like Alaba, David is moving to his new club as a free agent. The conditions of the contract in the Spanish club for the Argentine footballer are not as good as in England. To add, his salary is supposed to be 4 times less.

The experts of the website with betting tips LionTips believe that the experienced player has every chance to strengthen the team and to lead Barcelona to the national Championship.

Eric García also goes to Barcelona

Another star player from Manchester is returning to the Spanish club after 4 years of playing in the UK. We’re talking about Eric García. He managed to play almost 40 matches for the English club, but all the time he was noted for only one assist. Not good, not bad. On the other hand, with Manchester City Eric won the champion of the country and became owner of the Super Cup.

Theo Walcott returns home

The talented footballer Theo Walcott, who played the first match of his career for Southampton, returns to his home club. The English player had also played in his country before, but for a different team – for Everton. Now that Theo’s contract has come to an end, he will return to his home team. The term of the new contract with Southampton is 2 years. But this contract can be extended if the player plays well.

Milan’s new goalkeeper

The Italian club may acquire a new goalkeeper. Mike Maignan has already agreed to sign a five-year contract with the Serie A club from Milan. The new player will replace goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who has ended his contract with the Milan team. In Milan, Maignan is going to receive about 3 million euros a year, and his value as a player is about 15 million euros right now.

And this is not a complete list of players whose contracts are ending this season. In the English Premier League alone, Daniel Rose, Edinson Cavani, Brazilian Fernando Luiz Rosa, and many others will be looking for new clubs. Waiting for new transfers.