Reuben Dangoor and Three open London gallery of art reimagined through a mobile lens


To support its new ‘Phones Are Good’ campaign Three UK has commissioned London artist Reuben Dangoor, famed for painting today’s grime artists in 17th century grandeur, to exclusively reimagine historical figures and paintings through the mobile lens of today’s social media profile pictures. The Portr8’s series will be exhibited at a bespoke gallery, open to the public free of charge at 13 Soho Square, London, from October 26-27, 2018.

Each portrait has had a modern, light-hearted update, to show how the historical figures may have appeared in a profile picture had mobile phones been around. From Henry VIII doing the ‘hip-hot squat’ in Yeezys and Ray-Bans, to Shakespeare trying out the ‘Dele Alli challenge,’ the re-worked art takes inspiration from the styles and tropes most commonly shared on mobiles today.

Masterfully created by Reuben Dangoor, the man behind the acclaimed depictions of grime legends Stormzy and Skepta as renaissance nobility and the dabbing Jeremy Corbyn, the new pieces at first glance look like historical oil paintings but have in fact been created using a tablet and feature hidden details for viewers to discover.

Unlike a traditional exhibition Portr8’s is set to be the world’s most phone friendly gallery – actively encouraging visitors to snap a picture with experts on hand to offer advice on the best position and filter for the perfect pic.

The Portr8’s art gallery is a celebration of Three’s new campaign, ‘Phones Are Good’, which aims to take on phone cynics and bring some balance to the debate around what impact mobiles have on our lives.

The campaign kicked off with a launch film which tackled the topic by humorously reimagining pivotal moments in history. Demonstrating in each scene how much better things would have been if phones had been available – from starving cavemen ordering Deliveroo, to Henry VIII’s wives avoiding execution thanks to Tinder.

Portr8’s will be open on October 26 and 27. Entry is free and mobile phones are encouraged!