REVIEW: Bristol duo Perfect Soul launch debut EP ‘Lost The Love’


Bristol-based brother and sister duo of Sam and Chelsea Watts have unveiled their astounding debut EP.

Perfect Soul delivers a truly blissful luxurious swagger with the powerful “Lost The Love”. Everything about it maintains a careful balance. Vocals are full of tremendous fire and passion, bringing a bit of blues into the proceedings. Truly belting it out the lyrics linger in the mind long after the tracks have ended, recalling tales of love gained and lost. A bit of defiance comes through in her voice one of rising above. Instrumentally there is a soulful old school funk flavour to the whole of the EP, for the sound has a lush all-encompassing presence to it.

The sound itself recalls Stevie Wonder’s gorgeous keyboards. Done with the greatest level of care, the way that Sam’s keyboard work meshes with Chelsea’s vocals feels profound. With this old school approach, Perfect Soul craft a classic sound one that defies the contemporary to go to a back to basics approach. Melodies resonate throughout for they neatly tie everything together. Her voice has a grace to it for it possesses a commanding presence. Volume is an absolute must for these are tracks that deserve to be felt as much as heard.

Incredible piano anchors the blissful “Adore Me”. Full of tremendous confidence the way the groove grows gives it a masterful quality, for the stately chords nicely punctuate the power of her words. Elastic grooves with a nod towards a funkier flavour are the carefree party atmospherics of “Dance” by far the highlight of the EP. Keeping things to the essentials it all works from the taut rhythms to the nimble bass work. Woozy guitars and echoing keys filter throughout the emotionally packed title track “Lost The Love”. Layer upon layer of sound filters into the mix giving the whole of the song a colossal all-consuming quality. From the flourishes of the strings to the limber guitars it feels so full of colour. Effortlessly bringing things to a close with a sense of triumph is the finale of “We Tried”.

“Lost The Love” reveals Perfect Soul to be true sculptors of sound with an approach that feels uniquely their own.

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