REVIEW: Lost at Night EP by composer Mohammad Razi

by Greg Hansen

The second album of the Iranian composer is “Lost in the Night”. In a conversation with Mohammad Razi, the philosophy of absurdity and nihilism in a long period of his life has been the secret board  of the album.

After taking the time to listen to Mohammad’s EP I have reviewed this album, Firstly you can listen to the EP using the link below.


Song Title: Lost

The music is very epic, and seemingly a blend of trance, and experimental electronic. It’s very musically interesting. However, I feel this is niche music. It has a very specific audience and isn’t commercial as I’m sure you know already. So I’ll do my best to provide any critique assistance that I can.

I love the dark feel and the assortment of sounds including the eerie piano.

It didn’t at first but after playing it a few times it seemed haunting, like for a horror movie soundtrack the more I played it. Not in a negative if way at all, it’s just the vibe I got with the children laughing and the baby crying. So it definitely gives off a suspenseful “something is about to happen” feel in the beginning.

There’s a very slight clicking or popping sound at 42 seconds. Another one at 1:54. I’m not sure if those were intentional or not.

Toward the end it takes on a more relaxing, soothing feel.

Definitely different and very cool to listen to.

Song Title: Night

I really like this track. I love the effect of what sounds like wind and static, merging with strings. It definitely makes the listener feel something and it’s very musically intriguing.

The use of distortion on the choir voices and celestial strings is a very cool effect.

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