Reviews About iMind: the Most Engaging and Intelligent Video Conferencing Tool for the Modern Workforce


Many businesses in the United Kingdom are now actively implementing conference calls, group video conferences, and general communication via chats due to the rising trend of remote employment. How can you pick the best conference calling option for your company from the numerous free and paid alternatives offered? Let’s take a look at one example –, the communication tool used in contemporary workplaces.

What major features does the iMind platform offer

By just sending a link, you may quickly organize an online meeting on the video conferencing platform and invite your team members. The iMind service offers applications for many devices, such as smartphones, and is easy to use. The platform’s top features are listed below.

A variety of document kinds are supported by iMind, along with the capacity to present the desktop during the call, and an easy chat for business. There is 24-hour assistance available.

As for the technical possibilities, iMind has:

sound and noise suppression function;

great volume.

Why iMind is the best conferencing platform in the UK?

There were several internet conferencing options available even before the epidemic. The majority of them offer the same fundamental set of virtual meeting features. Many platforms have included additional feature sets to improve the efficiency, productivity, and interest of online meetings. IMind did that as well. You can get to essential tools like screen sharing, online chat, and video recording here. Because of this, many adore it and think it’s the most suitable product available.

Starting to work with iMind

The simplicity of utilizing the iMind video conferencing service is one of its biggest advantages. Clicking the link is all that is required to join and get started in the room as a participant. The program doesn’t require downloading or registration. If you are the host, visit the website, select a plan (you may use a free plan), input the meeting location, and then send your guests the link.

What are the customer reviews about iMind conferencing platform?

To prove its quality and top service, iMind has tons of reviews from people all over the globe. You can read them here and check the benefits by yourself.

The iMind virtual meeting solution sets up every requirement for remote meetings. There are choices of video conferencing tools for companies now, when formerly the meeting could only be held in person and scheduled in the offices of the pertinent organizations. iMind boosts office efficiency and makes it possible to communicate with staff members who are based all over the world, including via their cell phones. This brings business and informal communications to a new level.