Risky Travel: Tube lines still packed despite lockdown, with over a quarter of travellers not wearing masks


Despite rapidly rising COVID-19 cases and strict government guidance, a survey has revealed that over a quarter of the British public are still refusing to wear a mask when on public transport.

The study, conducted by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, found more than 27% of passengers travelling on the tube have admitted to not wearing a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Video shows packed Canning Town tubes in Lockdown 3

Although that nation is currently in lockdown a video surfaced this morning on Tom Edwards’, BBC transport journalist, Twitter showing shocking levels of people getting onto a tube train at Canning Town, on the Jubilee line.

The data revealed that over a thirst (36%) of passengers that use this line do not wear masks, putting themselves and others at risk.

The borough of Newham, according to the government website, has had the highest number of cases of any London borough cumulatively. With 26,800 cases (2020-08-15 to 2021-01-12) so far. The week ending 8th January also saw them report 1432 cases per 100,000.

The Circle Line is London’s worst offender for shunning masks

The worst offending line at the time was found to be the Circle Line, where almost half (48%) of passengers admit to not wearing a mask, followed by the Hammersmith & City Line (44%).

The data showed that passengers in London travelling on the Metropolitan line are the safest, as 73% say they always wear a mask when travelling on the London Underground.

Regarding their reasoning, a shocking 1 in 10 Londoners simply said they forgot to bring one with them and 5% forgo wearing one, in spite of the threat of fines, because they don’t believe they work.