Should I Invest in a New Car or a Used Car?

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It is a well-known fact that cars lose value the moment you drive them off the showroom floor, and while amounts can be exaggerated – no car loses half its resale value merely by being driven a few metres – it is true that vehicles depreciate steadily from the moment of purchase. This alone could be an excellent money-saving reason for choosing a used car over a new one, but there are many more. Let us take a look at some of these.

Used Cars are Run In

Sometimes new cars can suffer from design or manufacturing faults, which can lead to expensive repairs and investigations, or inconvenient recalls during which time you might have no vehicle. Used cars tend to be in good running order, with any manufacturing faults repaired. While this saves time and frustration rather than money, being able to accept a lengthy commute and being early for work can ensure good assessments at work leading to promotions.

Cascading Fees are Reduced

Many of the expenses associated with running a vehicle and keeping it legally compliant are pinned to the retail price of the car. This can mean that not only do you make a saving on the purchase price of the vehicle but you continue to save over the life of the car, paying reduced insurance and taxes.

Spares are Readily Available

A problem faced by the owners of very new high-end cars – beautiful and powerful though they might be – is that sourcing spares can be a very costly and sometimes time-consuming affair. Not only are they hard to find, often needing to be imported from the manufacturer or specialist agents, but they are often equally tricky to install, with mechanics requiring accreditation before they are permitted to work on the cars. All these factors push up the price, making something like a simple headlight replacement an eye-watering dent in the budget.

Used cars, on the other hand are mass-produced with the understanding that a good supply of reasonably priced spares will be necessary. Many garages will be able to source spares for you, or you can find your own, asking your garage to fit them for you, for a modest fee.

In today’s uncertain world, spending more money than you need to on vehicles that are heavy on the planet’s fragile resources seems profligate. If you are convinced that buying a pre-loved car is more suitable then we recommend to buyfully inspected KAP used cars with 100% warranties at affordable prices from their Brighton Autocentre. These cars come with warranties and easy financial plans. Check them out today!