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Want help for your next move, but don’t want to break the bank? A man with a van moving service, complete with the vehicle and professional assistance, might just be a cost-effective solution for you and your small home or business.

Continue reading to learn how to book man with a van, and learn about the potential costs involved.

Why Book Man With a Van Services?

Moving can be stressful, even with help from family and friends. Large items, like furniture, may be difficult to remove and rehome, and other fragile items may break during a move if not transported properly. People who are moving may also have loose ends to tie with their previous residences, such as end of tenancy cleanings and paying remaining bills. For these reasons and for the sake of convenience, many people opt for professional services, like the man with a van service, when moving. 

Different professional services are available for those who are looking to move. They are equipped to handle different moving tasks based on the needs of the client, such as the distance needed and items to be taken for the move.

A man with a van service is a service where professionals help you move your belongings in a large van. It is ideal for smaller moves, especially for students and those who live in smaller apartments, and for those who would like professional assistance.

For larger moves, a fuller moving service is likely more appropriate but may be more expensive.

Man With a Van Costs

Man With a Van costs are not standardised within the UK, and many man with a van services often charge per hour. Typical costs are around £45-70 per hour, but may vary according to factors such as to the number of professionals helping you on your move, the vehicle utilized and the distance traveled for the trip.

If you’re looking to move on a budget, it’s worth calling multiple services for quotes you can compare before you book man with a van. Note that many man with a van services will charge for at least a two-hour job, even if the move doesn’t quite take that long.

For cheaper moves, it may also be preferable to rent a moving van or truck, which you can find at car rental agencies or from home removal companies. The downside to vehicle rentals is that they do not come with the professional assistance many people want when they move. These options can be best weighed with your personal and financial needs before making a final decision.

Book Man with a Van: Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Man with a Van Service Help Me Move Long Distance?

While man and van services are usually for short-distance moves, especially across-town moves, many will gladly help you move long-distance. Ask in advance to learn what capacity the man and van service has for longer trips, and whether they may charge higher rates for them.

Can a Man with a Van Service Help Me to Pack and Pack My Belongings?

Properly packing and unpacking items you plan to move is key to ensuring they can be transported without causing damage. This is especially important for smaller items and fragile items you may own.

Many van and van services will help you pack and unpack your things (at an additional price) to ensure your belongings are secure during transport. Furthermore, many are willing to lend or sell you boxes you can use for the process.

How can I get an accurate quote to book man with a van beforehand?

You can get quotes by contacting a man and van service directly. Many list quotes online, but they may also be accessible through our website.

To ensure the quotes you receive are as accurate as you can, it’s important to be specific about your move: how far will you be traveling? How large is your current dwelling? Do you need help packing and unpacking boxes, or help with furniture assembly? Are you hoping to move large furniture, or anything fragile? The exact details will help the moving service best determine a reasonable up-front price estimate for the move.

If you’d like additional assurance about the price you will pay for the man and van move beforehand, many moving services are happy to carry out a free survey at your home to provide a quote.

Can a Man and Van Service Help Me Move My Pet?

When it comes to moving, it’s important to account for your pets in advance. They should be moved in a safe cage, carrier or travel cubby specific to pets, and they should not be moved in close proximity to heavy items or furniture: this could be dangerous in a moving vehicle unless all items are properly secured. It’s ideal to keep them with you if you are driving separately from the man and van service to your old home to ensure they do not become stressed.

Some, but not all, man and van services can help move your pet. It’s important to ask in advance whether the service you’ve selected is able to: if they can’t, they can likely direct you to another moving service, or pet moving service, that can.

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