Sian Berry urges the Mayor to stop supporting Gatwick Airport’s expansion plans



Heathrow Airport started action in the Supreme Court this month, challenging the decision to send Government policy on airports back to the drawing board.

Greens in London celebrated when the High Court ruled in February that the climate emergency made policies to support a third runway incompatible with new Government commitments to prevent runaway global warming. The idea that the greed of one business should override all our futures in this way is outrageous.

But also outrageous is the current Mayor of London’s continued support for the expansion of Gatwick Airport. Climate change doesn’t care which runway emissions come from, and Sadiq Khan’s claim to be the ‘greenest Mayor ever’ falls apart while he keeps supporting new runways in this way.

My colleague in the London Assembly, Caroline Russell, has repeatedly challenged the Mayor over this hypocrisy, and we’ll continue to hold him to account. We are calling on all Londoners who want real climate action to join us in calling on Sadiq Khan to ignore the lobbyists and change his mind on Gatwick, and if he refuses to vote for a real Green Mayor in May 2021.

Sian Berry AM
Green Party candidate for Mayor of London